The Most Popular Make-Up Trends for 2022


If you didn’t know it, 2021 is coming to a close really soon. We are just a day (1.5 months) from entering into an exciting new year. Don’t you know what that means? New Trends! Out with the old and in with the new. 

Make-up is something all or most ladies simply cannot live without. Don’t you want to stay on the global fashion trend? If you have forgotten, make-up is definitely hot and heavy in the fashion market and the way you do your make-up makes a world of a difference. Here are some potentially popular trends for the coming year: 

Go Glitter! 

That’s right! You better get ready to awaken your inner diva, because glitter is making a comeback! It is your time to sparkle during the next year. Combine your glittery eye-shadow with a winged liner and you will be a sight to behold. Do not hold back with this trend, go big or head home. You can find a wide array of the best make-up brands (which include glitter products) at David Jones Greenhills shopping centre which is worth a visit. 

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Neon Eyes

If you are looking to make your face pop, neon is the way to go. This trend will probably never die. There was plenty of black eyeliner on many faces this year, but it is the dashes and various pops of colour that become embedded in a person’s memory. The runways contained models with smudges of bright colours on their eyelids. This just completed the whole look. Basically, Brighter is better. 

Gloss Away 

Glossy lips are here to stay well into the coming year. We will be throwing it way back into the era of discos with this make-up look. Head on over to the fashion news, because a glossy pout is in! You don’t have to just stick to the same old nude glossy lip, a bold red gloss on a night out makes the statement all on its own. 

The Cheeky Blush 

Usually, the one that is easily forgotten in the make-up routine. Put it into your schedule because the statement blush is going big in 2022. This is generally used to sculpt and brighten cheekbones. But the new trend includes spreading just enough blush over to the temples and even a bit on the eyes. Many models have even put a daring amount of blush on the entire cheek. Better not forget applying some blush next year! 

White Up

Yes, white is in! The runways towards the end of this year had many models that were bathed in almost full white make-up. From white eye-shadow, eyeliner, lips, to lashes and even cheeks. For a more practical application of make-up, some white liner will give your eyes the accentuation it needs. If you do not have white liner, you could totally go with lighter shades of highlighter, this will glam up your look and keep you trending. 

Try out these looks and see which ones suit you the best. Once you find out which trend works for you, walk with confidence and be the queen you were born to be in 2022!

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