The Qualities of a Great Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

A keynote speaker is someone, often in corporate settings, who speaks on behalf of a particular theme, for example, “strength” or “resilience.” They should have the ability to capture an audience’s attention and get them engaged with the theme. Finding a unique keynote speaker is an integral part of any event. Whether you’re an event planner searching for a speaker or looking to become an experienced keynote speaker yourself, there are numerous qualities that you should keep in mind that are essential to any keynote speaker.

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Keynote Speaker

1. Credibility—It’s Essential

When looking for a keynote speaker, one of the first aspects anyone will look at is whether or not that person is credible. Your background, experience, job, and more all affect your credibility. More likely than not, an event planner or business will be looking for a credible source for the topic they are talking about. For example, a law firm is more likely to have an experienced attorney speak than a CEO of a finance company. It’s also vital that the audience sees the speaker as credible and trustworthy; otherwise, they won’t care what they have to say on the topic.

2. Authenticity—It Helps Build Connections

Being genuine is an essential trait of any good keynote speaker. You want to be as authentic as possible and make it easy for the audience to connect with you. It’s hard to connect with a message when the person talking seems uninterested or fake. Being genuine and authentic is an easy way to create a relationship with your audience and keep them engaged in what you have to say.

3. Storytelling—Tell Keeps an Audience Listening

Being a good storyteller is a crucial skill. Captivating an audience can be more than challenging and often takes years of practice and experience to get right. Event planners want someone that will not only do an excellent job speaking but tell a story while they do it. Whether you draw from your own life experience or present examples in new ways, a good storyteller will find ways to talk about any topic.

4. Confidence—It’s a Critical Trait

Confidence is critical in a keynote speaker. Many people struggle with public speaking, often making it hard to keep themselves cool. Being comfortable in front of an audience and being confident in your abilities is one trait that businesses and event planners always look for in their search for speakers.

5. Sense of Humor—It Keeps a Crowd Engaged

Having a sense of humor is a great way to keep a crowd engaged and help them relate more to the message. The professional world is full of seriousness and poise, so a little joke now and again is always appreciated. Research has found that the majority of people that take a liking to public speakers do so because they are empowering or funny. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to constantly make jokes throughout a speech. Just don’t forget to tone down the seriousness every once in a while.

6. Being Relatable—It Can Create Connection

Relatability in a speaker plays a massive role in how engaged the audience is. If an audience can’t relate to the person talking, it’s unlikely they are going to be able to relate to the message that they’re giving. Being an authentic, relatable person to the audience you’re talking to helps create a relationship where they can appreciate your message more. A good keynote speaker can relate with the audience on a personal level.

7. Being Articulate

When searching for a public speaker, people want someone who can articulate themselves well. Many great speakers can be given a bundle of information and turn it into something more beautiful, like a story. Experienced keynote speakers can articulate themselves well, allowing the audience to really hear the information being presented.

8. Having a Powerful Message

Any strong speaker will be able to create a powerful message out of the theme given to them. The overall message of the speech is the most crucial part of it, making having a powerful message essential when public speaking. A good keynote speaker will find a way to inspire or motivate the audience in some way while keeping the underlying theme in mind.

9. Creativity

Another essential trait of a great keynote speaker is creativity. Creativity in a speaker comes in handy in a variety of ways, from taking boring information and making it fun to creating a story that engages your audience in the theme. Creativity also helps bring in unique perspectives on multiple matters and gives your audience the chance to hear things they may have never before.

 10. Passion

Finding someone passionate about their job and the topic at hand can make for a perfect keynote speaker. Every strong speaker has a motivation behind why they speak in the first place. Professional, passionate speakers will commit themselves to creating a powerful message for their audience and strive to succeed in any way they can.

In the end, many qualities make up a great keynote speaker. And here at Shapiro Negotiations, we know just what it takes. If you’re searching for a speaker who can entertain, educate, and engage your audience, then look no further. Our team at Shapiro Negotiations is full of experienced keynote speakers passionate about their jobs who want to inspire people. If you’re interested in hiring one of our speakers, visit our keynote speakers page to learn more.