The Trending Role of a Dog Flowergirl in Modern Weddings

The role of a Dog Flowergirl in modern weddings is becoming increasingly popular. From golden retrievers carrying a basket of petals to shih tzus wearing flower crowns, couples are choosing to include their four-legged friends in their special day. This blog post will explore the trend of having a dog flowergirl in modern weddings and how this can add an extra element of fun and sentimentality to the celebration.

What is a dog flowergirl?

A dog flowergirl is a beloved pet who is assigned a special role at weddings. This furry friend is responsible for walking down the aisle alongside the bridal party, carrying or wearing flower accessories, and spreading cheer and happiness among the wedding guests.

Dog flowergirls are often included in outdoor or casual weddings and are considered a fun and playful addition to the ceremony. These pups come in different breeds, sizes, and personalities, but they all share the common goal of making the day more memorable and enjoyable for the couple and their guests.

While some may question the practicality or appropriateness

 Of having a dog flowergirl, others argue that it adds a touch of personalization and creativity to the wedding, especially if the dog has a special connection to the bride or groom. Additionally, dog flowergirls are often well-trained and obedient, ensuring that they don’t disrupt the proceedings or cause any mishaps.

Overall, a dog flowergirl is a unique and adorable addition to modern weddings that celebrates the bond between humans and animals. If you’re planning your own wedding and have a furry friend who you think can handle the role, consider making them your dog flowergirl and watch as they steal the show with their charm and cuteness.

The rise of dog flowergirls in weddings

As more and more couples choose to incorporate their furry friends into their wedding day, the trend of having a dog flowergirl has been on the rise. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of weddings where the bride’s dog plays an important role in the ceremony. In fact, according to, an online retailer that specializes in bespoke dog attire, there has been a 78% increase in the number of dog flowergirls in the past five years.

So why the sudden popularity?

Many couples view their pets as a part of the family and want to include them in their big day. Having a dog flowergirl adds a touch of whimsy and fun to the ceremony and makes for some great photo opportunities. It’s also a way for couples to incorporate their love for their pets into their wedding day, making it a more personalized and memorable experience.

While some may worry about the logistics of having a dog flowergirl, there are ways to make it work. It’s important to choose a well-trained and well-behaved dog, and to have a handler present to ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, having a custom-made dog dress or collar can add to the overall aesthetic of the wedding and make the dog feel like a special part of the day.


The trend of having a dog flowergirl at weddings has become increasingly popular over the years. This furry addition to the bridal party adds an element of fun, uniqueness, and charm to the big day. The dog flowergirl has evolved from being a rare and occasional appearance to being a beloved and anticipated participant in modern weddings.

If you’re considering adding a dog flowergirl to your wedding, be sure to consult with your venue and make sure it’s allowed. It’s also important to consider the dog’s temperament and training to ensure a smooth and safe experience for all involved. If you’re in need of bespoke attire for your dog flowergirl, is a great resource to check out. Ultimately, having a dog flowergirl is a wonderful way to include your furry best friend in your special day and make lasting memories with them.

Zeeshan Khan