The Ultimate Guide To Remove Mugshots From Web

The Ultimate Guide To Remove Mugshots From Web

Mugshots of the individuals who committed a crime are used by the legal officials for making their further investigation easy but the presence of these on the internet can affect the reputation of the same individuals in the future. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to remove the mugshots from Google. Here in this article, we have explained what a mugshot actually is? How can it impact one’s reputation? How to remove the mugshot photo from Google?

What are mugshots?

Mugshots are photographic portraits of people who have been arrested for a crime. The standard mugshot is a two-part image that combines the photograph of a person taken from the front and a side view. These are used by law enforcement so that a record of the individuals who committed a crime can be maintained for further investigations.

How can mugshots negatively impact one’s reputation?

For the officials working for enforcing the law, mugshots act as a valuable information source. But for the common people, these mugshots can be problematic. The Internet has made it easy for people to access the information they want. If your mugshot is uploaded on the internet then it can be seen by the majority of people and thus, can negatively influence their thoughts about you. Having mugshots with your name on the internet can affect your relationships, everyday life, and you may also lose credibility in the market. Mugshots are the reason that people not only lose their current jobs but also lose the chance of getting hired in the future.

How can one remove mugshots from Google?

Google is the world-leading search engine that is working hard for years to provide the needed information to the people. Imagine people accessing the dark side of your past on Google? Having your mugshots uploaded on Google Images for the crime committed in the past can ruin your current reputation. But don’t worry. It is not impossible to get your mugshots removed from Google.

One way to get rid of the mugshots from Google is to adopt a replacement technique. Just upload your new photos along with the caption having your name. Uploading fresh and valuable content with your latest photos on different social media pages will push down your old mugshots. Do this for at least one month and you will see life-changing results.

Google pushes down the less ‘new” content, only new and relevant content is shown on the first few links. And it is a well-known fact that whenever one searches for some information on Google, he or she hardly clicks beyond the first or second link shown by Google. So, it’s best that instead of removing the technique, you can use the replacement technique.

Wrapping up it all!

The availability of mugshots on the internet has the power to ruin the career and routine life of a person. If you are finding it difficult to get your mugshots removed from Google, then you can adopt the above-explained replacement method.

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