Things Hardware Vendors Don’t Want You To Know About Maintenance


When you purchase a new piece of hardware vendor for your business. you are likely to consider adding a service level agreement to ensure the uptime, availability. and maintenance of your new hardware. Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensure that your hardware is availabl.e when it needs to be, and that your technicians can get support when they need it most.

Great addition to your business. Two-year hardware service plan gives you hassle-free ownership. When the time comes for you to buy new hardware vendor. it’s smart OEM to have a service level agreement that covers all of your needs, including technical support, onsite help, priority response within 4 hours, and more. We guarantee that you can access professional support for your systems via phone or web without having to wait on hold. or set up an appointment with 24/7 service 365 days a year.

The OEM Premium

An SLA can come at significantly less cost, but may require that the customer provide their own support services. This could be an option for an OEM after several years in business; especially if they are employing strategies to build their own reputation and brand awareness.Sure, the product works when you get it from them. But when things stop working, who do you call? It is common for OEM to have a support center in Bangalore, India and this is not a bad thing by itself, but if your installer went home and you need to talk to them and there is a 13-hour time difference, we don’t recommend it.

Overabundance of coverage

Businesses have come to expect on-site, same day response time on hardware issues. When your employees OEM are working from home or on the road, you need to ensure support is provided no matter where incidents occur. Equipping your mobile workforce with Worry-Free Business Cloud allows you to achieve this same level of coverage for hardware failures.

  One of the  constrictive  factors with OEM SLAs is there are no refunds. They are “bill only” contracts meaning the provider bills you on a monthly basis depending on your agreement for OEM maintenance services. This does not allow the business to receive money back once the service contract has expired. Although it does allow businesses that have shrinking technology budgets to save costs. While better managing their technology refreshes by extending the life of expensive IT equipment items.

There was no notice of quel.

When you buy a computer system or other technology. You expect it to work for years. Three-year extended service plans protect against the possibility. you’ll be left with no support and an out-of-date computer. End-of-support dates can be determined even without an OEM . For example, we know we will stop ongoing support for BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8.1 operating systems at the end of OEM . Customers who still want technical support can renew their support. But do so with the understanding that ongoing development. support has stopped.

An unpredictable market is forcing companies to manage assets, including high-end technology, in innovative ways. We discovered that the problem of asset management often has its roots. In the way IT departments go about managing, tracking and reporting on support contracts. Most OEM are built around single contracts with the suppliers. These contracts are not likely to be aligned with the business needs. This can lead to unexpected delays in service provision when end users experience an outage.

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