Things to Know If You Are Breastfeeding


If you are a new mother, you may get confused and anxious about breastfeeding. You need to wait and practice tips that can help with it. In this article, we will tell you the tips that can help in breastfeeding. If you have a complaint of mastitis, you can consult with a Gynecologist in Lahore.

Tips for Breastfeeding 

The tips for breastfeeding are:

Start it Soon 

As soon as your child is born, you should start breastfeeding them. 


In the initial stage, the breast milk comes out in the form of colostrum- a scanty watery fluid. It contains antibodies that are highly beneficial for the child. Even if you do not plan to breastfeed the child in the future, you should do that in the initial stage. In this way, your child can get immunity against many infections from the mother. 


In the initial stage, you may need to try a lot for the efficient flow of breastmilk. Therefore you should try to breastfeed your child every two hours. Even if the milk does not come, trying can help cope with the problem. 

Bedding In

You might have bought a crib for your child to sleep in, but, you should keep them in your own bed- a technique called bedding-in. It not only helps the baby to have a peaceful slumber but also the mother does not need to pick the child up every two hours to feed them. When you keep them in your bed with yourself, it becomes easy for you to nurse them. 


Bathing can help improve the milk flow from the breasts. Therefore you should feed your child right after taking a bath. Moreover, make habit of daily bathing as keeping yourself clean is essential. Since your child has to make direct contact with your body, the cleaner you remain, the more healthy they will be. When you bathe, the germs do not reside in your body. 


You can seek privacy for you and your child to breastfeed them. If you sit in a public place or where there is so much noise, your child may not take it properly. Therefore it is better to be in a room where there is peace so that your child can feed themself properly. 

Make a Schedule

Make a schedule to feed your child. It can be two hours apart in their young days. Waiting for them to cry and ask to get fed should not be done because crying is the last thing they would do to get their stomachs filled. Therefore you should not wait for the last sign to appear. Instead, they would hint that they are hungry by licking their thumb and by bringing their hand close to the mouth. 

Change the Diaper

Before feeding them, it is better to change the diaper. It is because they will be more comfortable with a dry diaper and will be able to feed properly. 


Do not put only the nipple inside your baby’s mouth. Instead, put the areola- the dark side around the nipple with the nipple inside your baby’s mouth. Their mouth movements will help them suck milk. 


Keeping yourself clean is essential. Before breastfeeding it is a good idea to clean your breasts with a wipe or a damp cloth. It can help prevent the spread of germs from your body to your baby’s mouth.


Not only mothers who bottle-feed their children need to sterilize, but also those who breastfeed. Nursing mothers should sterilize the breastfeeding pump, and its accessories as germs can grow inside it, causing infections to the baby. 

If you have got an infection in the breast, you should visit the gynecologist soon. For an expert opinion, you can visit the Best Gynecologist in Karachi. 

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