Thoughtful Gifts for Every All Women That Hustle


We all have that one special person in our life, who strives hard to achieve her goals. Hustling all day to fulfill her aspirations, your boss babe needs the most fabulous and useful gifts that she can carry around through her journey.

If you are a woman who works hard to fulfill dreams yourself, you can surely relate to and easily understand the items worth having. The right gifts can make their day-to-day goals easier to accomplish. With holiday season around the corner, here are a bunch of simple yet valuable gifts that you can give any boss babe that you know and love.


While some love to listen to podcasts, some love reading motivational books and the other love doing both. Choosing the right book can be tricky. Different people love different genres. However, most boss babes find a liking towards motivational books that help empower their personalities in real life. Some also love a good novel to escape into after a long hard day.


There’s no doubt that planners are the most needed item in every girl’s busy life. You can never have enough planners as they tend to run out once slots are completed, especially yearly planners. With the year definitely coming to an end, a journal could be her life saver. If not a planner, a compendium could be an equally useful gift!

Card Holder

A cute pretty card holder could be another thoughtful gifting way to go! While wallets often have hold money and cards both, it can get bulky and messy to sort through. She might even loose a card or a money note trying to pick out what she needs. With a card holder by her wallet’s side, she can keep both her money and cards organized and safe.

Scented Candles

Apart from usable items, a thoughtful gift to come home to or help keep them calm amidst their work can make for equally beautiful gifts. The right scent can have a positive effect on her mood. Candles are a finite source of gift and allow her to hold you in memory by her side at all times. They make for a wonderful object to keep on their work desk. 

Spa Kit

Spa kits are the best gifts to show them they deserve good and healthy breaks after a hardworking day. It gives them a chance to unwind and pamper themselves with some self-love. The right objects can help them feel rejuvenated. One of the items you could include in the spa kit to make it extra fun are bath bombs.

Personalized Mugs

If you’re looking to gift something more personal, you could go with a personalized mug. No busy day starts without a good cup of coffee. Therefore, a mug with either their name or an inspiration quote can make a worthy gift for your favourite boss babe.

A few other gifts you can consider is totes, handbags and maybe even a desk plant. Let us know if you loved these options!

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