Tips for buying lingerie

Sometimes it just has to be lingerie. For Valentine’s Day, for an anniversary or for Christmas – many men want to surprise their loved ones with sexy underwear on special occasions. But when choosing the right Gift, many stumbling blocks and faux pas lurk just waiting for someone to step into them.

The main difficulty is to master the fine line when choosing custom lingerie between something very special out of the ordinary and something that does not lead to – well, let’s say – misinterpretation in its effect.

To make your gift a complete success, we have put together the most important tips and suggestions for finding the right custom lingerie for your loved one.

  Orientate yourself to the style of the lady you want to make happy.

Rely on aesthetics. Stage a picture, tailor-made for your main actress.

Every woman is unique and wants to be recognized in this uniqueness. So, first of all, orientate yourself on her and on her style, her favorite colors … on the things she likes. What could she like, what would she choose for herself? Far too quickly you succumb to the impressions of perfectly staged advertising posters and advertising photos. Lingerie, in particular, should also suit the respective type, so that “women” can also feel comfortable in them.

Even though lingerie can boost self-confidencethe most seductive and sumptuous lingerie will not work if the wearer cannot identify with it.

Arrange the huge selection and filter out the unsuitable right away. What kind of guy is she? Is your style sportier, elegant, cheeky, and sexy? Which fits or cuts does she prefer? – Just take a look in your laundry drawer without rummaging around in it, of course. Slip or thong? Are push-up or underwire bras preferred?

If you are unsure about the different variants, you can either ask the search engines on the Internet or simply have a look around in our onlinecustom lingerieshop. Here you will find everything that the fashion world of silk and lace lingerie has to offer, from underwired bras and push-ups to unlined or provocative lift or balcony bras. The filter functions help you to quickly find the product you are looking for and to get an overview.

Women like to wear lingerie.

They perceive it as a personal luxury. Invest in fine and skin-friendly fabrics such as silk or lace and only buy first-class lingerie in specialist shops. Stay away from supposed bargains from the discounter.

Yes, women like to wear lingerie. A good third say they perceive laundry as a personal luxury. And that is also reflected in the choice of materials. Exquisite materials such as lace and silk or satin are very popular. Silk is particularly kind to the skin and hugs the body perfectly. Processed into negligees or kimonos, silk fabric falls fluently and flatters the feminine curves. The sublime silky shine will make the eyes of your loved ones shine.

What some men do not make sense: It is worth investing in high-quality lingerie. Women can buy underwear for everyday life themselves. Custom lingerie is something special. Your wife or girlfriend will enjoy fine lingerie for a long time and you can show her how much you value her and how much you care about her. The investment pays off twice. Pamper your loved one with the luxurious lingerie she deserves.

And finally, with fine silk underwear you can also show what your caliber is.

You can save on other things. You can see “the subtle difference” in tasteful lingerie.

Become a director yourself and stage your own image with your sweetheart in the lead role. Just be careful not to overdraw the picture. After all, you have all the freedom in the world to tailor the role to your leading actress.

Take a look at the labels on the linen and clothes of your lady of heart when you get the chance and make a note of the sizes! If you still have some freedom of choice when choosing a model and style, you definitely don’t have it when it comes to size. No matter if too big or too small, giving the wrong size is an absolute no-go.

Of course, even the right size is no guarantee that the underwear will really fit. Because the manufacturers all have different patterns and fits and the individual collections and models are often different. In fact, most women do not even know their correct cup size themselves, but once they have found a supposedly fitting bra, they stay with the respective manufacturer, the size or both. Even a centimeter around the chest can make up a whole cup size. In case of doubt, a size comparison with the already matching laundry cannot do any harm before the gift ends up in the gift packaging.

As an aside: there is a saying that the packaging makes the gift. With loving packaging, you can also show that you have chosen the gift with care.

You will never go wrong with a classically elegant lingerie set consisting of a bra and panties or thong.

The first choice is mysterious black. But innocent white, romantic purple or seductive red are also classics and always work.

Although the majority of them group their underwear drawer under “mixed colors”, black is by far the most popular color for lingerie. While everyday underwear is chosen pragmatically, to match the outfit, and the focus is on fit and comfort, i.e. comfort, these factors take a back seat when it comes to lingerie. The decoupling of trends is constant. When it comes to lingerie, women cannot be influenced and only trust their own judgment. Neither your best friend nor current fashion trends have an impact\ on what you like.

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