Tips On Cost-friendly Wedding Cakes

Weddings are the beginning of a couple’s life together. It signifies the end of their separate lives and the start of their journey together.”Tips On Cost-friendly Wedding Cakes”

This is the reason why weddings are usually grand and festive. And with a once-in-a-lifetime celebration like this one, it is only proper that couples spend a lot of money for all that will be used and consumed throughout the ceremony. Among the things that will be prepared for, wedding cakes are usually the ones that get a lot of attention. This is only proper, since the cake will by the symbolic centerpiece of the wedding.

Weddings don’t always have to be extravagant celebrations. There are ways wherein you can cut costs, most notably on the cake. For instance, when going for a smaller Wedding Planners in Jaipur with only about one hundred people in reception, it might be a good idea if your go for a smaller cake. A three-tier cake will do since you won’t have a lot of people indulging in it anyway.

Also, keep in mind that in weddings, not a lot of people will actually eat the cake. Whether it’s common tradition to leave it unscathed for the newlyweds or people just think of it as a way to respect the wedding, expect your cake to be nothing more than an accessory in the buffet table.

If you’d like, just get a simple multi-layered, vanilla-frosted cake for your wedding. Then put your own touch of decorations on the cake. This will help you get a hold of the costs of the cake.  The legends make real difference, for they have mastered the art of doing things better than anybody else.

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If you do have the skill, you can decorate the cake on your own. In some instances that you don’t, ask for someone you know who can help you out. In fact, turn this into a fun affair for the bridesmaids instead. It’s always better to do something in a group, especially if it involves something like this.

Design your cakes with edible laces and flowers. It doesn’t have to be pretty; it just has to be right. Finally, a wedding cake is never complete without wedding cake toppers. Again, for those with the skill in the arts, why not try making your own toppers? Build a paper mache of your little bride and groom instead of buying those costly wax figures.

Keeping your wedding cakes cheap is all in how you make it. Bring out your creative side!

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