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With lots of couples postponing their wedding due to the current COVID situation, many women keep connecting with us about the different ways in which they can keep the wedding gown and the accessories safe until the big day. In fact, our advice is always the same – be it for pre-wedding or post-wedding preservation of wedding gowns and other accessories.

Wedding gown preservation is a delicate process – one that is designed to keep the gown safe for a long time to come. So, you can opt for professional wedding gown preservation after the big celebrations or even prior to the wedding. In fact, you can even get yourself a gown preservation kit and do it on your own. So, for those looking for some answers to their queries about wedding dress cleaning and preservation, we’ve tried to put together a few tips on the same – tips that would make sure that your gown stays in mint condition and the accessories continue to look flawless.

  • Follow the advice of the designer or boutique: We’ve often come across brides looking for tips on how to keep their bridal gowns in perfect shape and pristine condition, and there’s only one way to go about it. Contact the designer or the boutique from where you bought the gown. They have the knowledge of individual dresses and the different fabrics, and thus, they can suggest to you how to hang the dress, clean it, or handle the embellishments on the dress.
  • Store it somewhere cool and dark: Yes, you read that right! Always store the dress away from direct sunlight, and never keep it in places that are musty or dirty. If the dress came wrapped in a plastic cover, take the dress out of it, and store it in an archival box or a garment bag. Avoid keeping the gown in the attic or in the basement, as such places are either too hot or humid. Try keeping it in a temperature-controlled environment. If you are planning to keep it long in storage, always choose professional wedding gown preservation, or at least choose a preservation kit.
  • Hang your dress correctly: Hanging a delicate wedding gown for months could damage your dress beyond repair. This is because wedding gowns are generally made up of delicate fabric/ materials, which tend to get out of shape when put under pressure. This is the reason why there are special straps on the insides of the gown, which make sure that the weight is evenly distributed. Use a quality hanger – one that’s well-padded, and store it in an area where it won’t get crammed. In fact, consider laying the dress flat, whenever possible.
  • Keep the gown out of sight: Let’s face it – it’s hard to resist the urge of trying the gown every couple of days – more so when the big day is still a few months away. However, this is also a recipe for disaster! Why so? Well, chiefly because every time you handle the gown, you run the risk of smudging it or leaving a stain on it – be it from the makeup you are wearing or due to the body oil. It is also better to keep the gown away from children and animals.
  • Storing jewelry, shoes, and other accessories: While shoes and jewelry can be stored in the original boxes they came in, albeit with some padding around them, we would urge you to get rid of the plastic wrapping if any. Plastic tends to trap moisture in, which can turn the shoes yellow and the jewelry to lose its luster. As for the veil, keep it in a separate, breathable garment bag – away from direct sunlight. This would keep it from getting snagged or damaged.
  • Storing the lingerie: While the lace pants or the shapewear would be fine in your knicker drawer, it is usually corsets and bras that lose shape if stored incorrectly. At Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation, we ask all brides to wrap these in white tissue paper, and keep them safe in a clean box, ideally made up of cardboard. Make sure that they aren’t crumpled, and nothing is boning in or weighing down on the cups.

Why choose Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation?

At Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation, we take pride in our professional and reliable wedding dress cleaning and preservation services. We also have a dedicated team ready to handle quick swaps, fixes, and alterations. Thus, ours is a one-stop-shop – dedicated to freshening up your gown, having it professionally steamed, and preserving it for the future. Contact us for more details.

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