Tips to solve gear cube efficiently

The Gear Cube, as the name implies, works entirely in that gear. 

It’s confusing. Please let me explain. 

The Gear Cube is very different from the Rubik’s Cube. Here is a brief explanation to help you understand what a Gear Cube is. If you already know the mechanism of the gear cube, you can skip the solution directly and enjoy the great gear cube. 

The Gear Cube was formerly known as the Caution Cube. It was invented by Oscar van Deventer, who was inspired by the idea of ​​Bram Cohen to develop the Gear Cube. The Gear Cube gained immense popularity in a short period of time and was mass-produced by Meffert. 

First of all, the reason for the name as an attention cube is that when you speed cube a cube, your finger can get caught in the device, and therefore the attention cube. 

The Gear Cube looks very different from any other cube on the market. The mechanism of the gear cube is clearly visible on the outside. In addition, 6 rotations of 80 degrees are required to complete one rotation. 

The Gear Cube is configured to have 6 fixed centrepieces. In contrast to the Ghost Cube, the Gear Cube has a different colour and its mechanism is very similar to the Magic Cube solution. 

Surprisingly, despite its impressive appearance, it’s easy to unravel the Gear Cube. 

As people suggest, it’s more exciting and easier to solve than the Rubik’s Cube. Now that you understand the idea of ​​the Gear Cube, you’ll come up with a  solution.  

  • Understand and familiarize yourself with the parts of the Gear Cube. Being simple and convenient with the Gear Cube is the most important step in solving it. In fact, this applies to almost every corner or Crannie puzzle there, whether it’s an axis cube, a ghost cube, or something similar. Familiarity with the components of a cube and understanding its parts are essential steps in solving the cube. Now that you’re used to the Gear Cube, it’s time to start unravelling that direction. 
  • The second step to solving a gear cube is to solve that corner. Since the centre is mainly fixed, the corners of the gear cube turn the whole direction. To resolve the corners, get two corners of the same colour that must be adjacent to each other. You can use an algorithm similar to that used when solving the Rubik’s cube. Try to solve the puzzle to every corner of the gear cube using a clear algorithm. The corners appear to be slightly disoriented and aligned, so the next step is to resolve the edges of the cube. 
  • Find the edge and try to get the same colour across the edge. Try to get similar colours around the edges using the swapping method and various algorithms. Green and green, blue and blue, etc. In these two steps, consider half of the work you need to do. Replacing the edges reveals a clearer picture of the solution. All you have to do now is align the edges and transform the shape into a proportionally and properly arranged cubic structure. 
  • Now that we have adjusted the corners, aligned the edges, and aligned the entire cube, at the end of the four stages, we can finally admire the beauty of the perfectly shaped cube. So the fifth step is to scrabble everything and do it again but use your own method. After all, it is correctly said that learning should never stop. 

Solving the Gear Cube is relatively easier than any other cube on the market. But the fun and thrill of solving cubes that seem impossible to solve are not only rewarding but also adventurous. 

Gear Cube is a really cool and practical game that you can take with you on trips, school trips and even daily family gatherings. They not only help you increase your brain activity, but also make you feel cool and look cool around people. 

Imagine how cool it is to solve a gear cube standing among people who don’t even understand the first edge. 

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Happy Cubing!

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