Top 10 reasons to perform software automation testing services

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QA automation testing has become the standard testing tool for many organizations, owing to its perceived benefits. While manual testing is still widely used, the trend which has been noted has been a shift to automated testing or using both. The popularity of automation testing is increasing day by day and as per the report by The Daily Research chronicle, automated testing is expected to grow by 100% by 2025 among the major tech giants. Before we dive into what the benefits are, let us quickly understand what automation testing is all about.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is about using an automation tool instead of a human being doing the testing manually. Automation testing follows a step-by-step instruction suite and aims at reducing the number of test cases run in manual testing. Apart from this, it results in a better ROI, decreases human error, and increases the area of test coverage. Apart from this, automated testing has other benefits as well.

Running software automation testing requires expertise for which it can be beneficial to partner with companies providing automated software testing as a service.

Reasons why software automation testing services yield better results

Let us take a look at the top 10 reasons why software developing companies prefer to engage partners providing software automation testing services:

  • Accelerated Results

Needless to say, the speed with which the testing is done during automation testing is much higher than manual testing. Even in cases where there are complex regression suites, the testing can be completed in half the time or less. Companies providing automated testing as a service will be able to give you a faster result even after the testing is done thoroughly and repeatedly.

  • Elimination of Human Error

“To err is human” No matter how much we try, human errors occur. Manual testing requires intense focus on part of the tester and takes long hours. As the process becomes a little tedious, mistakes happen. The automation testing process, on the other hand, requires very little human intervention, hence reducing the chances of error. Moreover, as errors are few, the time frame for testing also reduces. This is the reason companies providing automated software testing services can provide enhanced results with significantly lesser effort.

  • Ability to do QA automation testing 24/7 and Simultaneously

Being performed by machines, automation testing can be carried out 24/7 as they do not need the break which is required by a human being. A tester can simply start the process and leave it to run on its own. Moreover, there is the advantage of being able to carry out the testing on several machines simultaneously. This further makes the testing robust and faster. Companies providing QA automation testing services know exactly which tool to use when and has the expertise required to run the testing. Hence they can easily run the testing at any point in the day or even overnight and also on separate computers.

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  • Faster Feedback system

If your software is in the validation phase, you would surely want to engage an automation testing service provider who will be able to provide feedback faster. Going for automation testing instead of manual testing services can help in enhancing the communication between the developers and testers and provide the space for potential errors to be rectified as soon as it is detected by the testing partner. This is because, in automation testing, the testers are not required to prepare the bug report themselves. Instead, alerts are generated which go to the developers through predestined communication channels.

  • Cost-effective

Engaging a partner for automated testing as a service can result in reducing the cost of the project substantially. As the partner will have the necessary tools, you will not need to invest in them or in the infrastructure required for running the tests. Moreover, automation testing will result in a much higher quality of work as there is no scope for human error. Finally, as the feedback is almost instant, the developers can get the time to fix the glitches before launch, decreasing the number of glitches in the post-release phase. This also results in saving on project costs.

  • Increased Test Area Coverage

Using the services of software automation testing services can result in having more tests done for any software application, leading to a reduction in software anomalies and higher testing coverage. If the same is to be done by manual testing, it would require engaging a larger team of testers, requiring a larger amount of time. Automated software testing, on the other hand, can search through the entire software application for content, data, files, and environments to ensure that the product is operating as per requirement.

  • Improved Testing Efficiency

Testing efficiency refers to the average number of tests that a software tester can run. Higher efficiency would mean spending less amount of time on product development and improving the overall quality of the product. An automation testing service provider can get through a higher number of tests in a day, providing quicker feedback to developers to rectify errors faster.

  • Reliability and Thoroughness

Automated tests are much more reliable than manual tests as their code ensures that bugs are caught and reported. In cases such as regression tests, the more it is repeated, the more complete the system is as it allows for exhaustive regression suite testing.

  • Time to market

As automation testing helps in making the entire product development faster, it results in reducing the time-to-market launch of the software. Automated functional testing allows for regular and continuous execution of test cases and also makes the post-automation test library execution faster.

  • Brand Enhancement

Finally, the best aspect of QA automation testing is that it helps in adding value to all related stakeholders. It not only helps in making the product more efficient but also paves the way toward digital innovation. This becomes helpful in improving the brand name as well as brand value, leading to greater customer retention.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned reasons will make it clear that opting for partnering with a company providing software automation testing services can result in a significant reduction in time and cost and will pave a way for contributing to maximum profit.

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