Top 5 Android Apps Right Now


Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. The best of the best. These are the Android applications that dominate an ever-expanding pantheon by themselves. These apps are now commonplace on Android, so if you’re looking for the good stuff, it’s likely that you’ve already used a few of them. There are many fantastic Android apps available. There are some, though, that stand out above the rest. Whatever their use case, these apps are helpful to just about everyone. Here are the top Android apps that are currently on the market.


The top weather app available is probably 1Weather. It has a straightforward, paginated layout that displays the current weather, a forecast for the next 12 weeks, a radar, and other interesting statistics. Along with that, you’ll get a respectable selection of widgets that are only mildly customizable, as well as the usual items like alerts for severe weather and radar that lets you see approaching storms. A video component is also included, providing two- to three-minute weather updates for your area. The user interface is clear and manageably simple to use. On occasion, the radar will hang while loading, but this rarely causes much of a problem.

With the exception of a little harmless advertising, the free version includes all features. Advertising is removed with a single in-app purchase of $1.99. When you open the app, the majority will probably also enjoy the variety of fun facts about the weather. If you’re looking for more choices, check out our list of the top weather apps and widgets.

Google Drive

All new users of Google Drive’s cloud storage service for Android receive 15GB for nothing permanently when they sign up. Of course, you can purchase more if necessary. The collection of Android apps that are integrated with Google Drive is what makes it so unique. They consist of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Photos. It simply has so many features and is so reasonably priced that it can’t be suggested to anyone at all.

These apps’ features include live collaboration, advanced sharing options, and support for Microsoft Office files. It is simple to use, offers 15GB of free document storage, and has decent cross-platform support. If you’re looking for something different, you can find more office apps and cloud storage apps here.

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Google Search / Assistant / Feed

This app is incredibly potent. Almost all Android devices can use it as well. The app is simply downloaded, then enabled. You can then ask it anything you want from there. Additionally, it supports a number of commands. You can ask it just about any question, control smart home appliances, and it can even solve elementary math problems for you. It comes with a number of goods, including Google Home speakers.
For those who prefer a quick launch icon on the home screen, there is a second Google Assistant app available. Google Assistant is free, but the hardware isn’t. You can look at some other respectable personal assistants like Amazon Alexa here.


One of those essential Android apps is LastPass. It’s a password manager that enables you to securely store your login information. Additionally, it can assist you in creating passwords for your accounts that are nearly impossible to guess. All of it is managed by a master password. It supports multiple platforms, allowing you to use it on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets (premium version only).

There are others, but LastPass consistently seems to be one step ahead. Furthermore, the premium edition is reasonably priced. For even more security, get LastPass Authenticator to go with it. If the new, more constrained free version of LastPass isn’t working for you, there are other excellent password managers available here as well as some free alternatives. For added security, LastPass also has an authenticator app.

Google Maps and Waze

One of the best Android apps ever is Google Maps, which essentially dominates the navigation app market. It receives frequent updates—almost weekly—that seem to only increase the already incredibly long list of features that are already present. Google Maps offers you access to points of interest, traffic information, directions to locations like rest stops or gas stations, and the option to download maps for offline use in addition to the bare minimum.

You won’t need another navigation app if you combine that with the Waze experience, which has a tonne of unique features. Ever. We list them together because Waze is owned and run by Google as well. On Android Auto, both navigation apps are compatible and, in most cases, perform better than in-car navigation systems. Of course, if you need more options, we also have more GPS apps available here.


I hope now you all are aware of the top applications right now, try all these apps and let us know in a comment box which applications you have liked the most. If you liked our article on a subject, please share it with your family and friends, additionally, if you also want to know about applications that will enhance your android phone, kindly read our article on a subject, we have covered the best applications for you.

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