Top Reasons to Buy Windows VPS Server for Growing Business

Windows VPS Server

Businesses today are moving towards a cloud-based future at lightning speed. The Internet lets people connect and use their data from anywhere and anytime. Everybody owns a website these days, from a freelancer to startups, SMEs and large scale businesses. It has increased the hosting web demands at a rapid rate. For some new to hosting or starting a website, it can be challenging to find a host that can meet their needs. Hosting isn’t only limited to domain registration and uploading files; it’s more than that. Before investing in a VPS hosting plan, you have to think about many factors, i.e. whether you should buy Windows VPS or Linux VPS servers. 

There are many advantages of hosting your website on a dedicated server with your own private IP address. But for many, the cost of a dedicated server is too expensive. If this is the case for you, you can buy windows VPS hosting instead with a private IP address. A VPS offers many of the same features as a dedicated server but at a lower cost. Windows VPS Server hosting is an excellent option for those who don’t want to host their own servers or host their servers in a secure environment.

Windows VPS Vs Linux VPS Server- Which One is Best?

Once you have decided to host your website on a virtual private server, the next task is to determine which Operating System offers maximum benefits. With VPS hosting, you’ll have two options, i.e. Windows VPS and Linux VPS server.

Linux VPS Servers are more popular among small businesses than Windows. As per the stats, both OS share the same number of users worldwide. Windows-based VPS servers are preferred by large-scale enterprises having high budgets. Linux VPS Servers, on the contrary, are preferred by SMEs and startups because of the reduced cost and easy-to-use features. Let us highlight top parameters that you can use to decide which is best for you between Windows VPS and Linux VPS Server.

1.   Windows Vs Linux VPS Server- Performance

The performance of a server depends on its capacity to optimize the resources. With VPS servers, you do not need to worry about site performance issues. It provides a hosting environment that can easily fine-tune your website to deliver the best performance result. On the performance aspect, both the servers are on the same level.

2.    Windows Vs Linux VPS Server- Cost

Linux is an open-source platform. Thus it costs less than Windows. Being an open-source platform, Linux OS enables users to make changes in any software for any purpose at any time. Flexibility is among the top reasons businesses with low budgets prefer investing in Linux VPS servers instead of Windows. Thus, if we talk about the cost, Linux VPS servers run the race.

We hope that the above discussion will help you decide which better choice is between Windows VPS and Linux VPS Server. However, if you are still experiencing any doubt, read the following section to know the top benefits of using Windows VPS hosting.

Top 4 Benefits of Using Windows VPS Hosting

Running a website in today’s highly competitive environment needs careful planning to keep your customers engaged. Many people are looking for a reliable, fast, and secure way to host their websites. VPS hosting is a popular choice because it can provide all of these features. Check out the benefits of using Windows VPS hosting over others and how it’s beneficial for your business.

1.   Fast Performance

Going with VPS hosting is the ideal choice when you’re willing to increase your server capacity, enabling you to enhance the way to control and use your infrastructure. With fast performance objectives, Windows VPS hosting also reduces your cost for short and long-term usage. Thus, when selecting any service provider to get VPS server hosting in India, you must take care of a few vital factors that help define the performance parameters.

Check how well your VPS server behaves with other environments. Find a VPS hosting service that partners with industry-renowned software suppliers and lets you stay away from vendor lock-in situations. Also, make sure that your selected hosting provider offers dedicated and bare metal server hosting, as all these hosting features will play a crucial role in defining the performance aspects of your server.

2.   Complete Control

VPS hosting ensures complete control over the server. It doesn’t matter which server you select. Whether you choose Windows VPS hosting or Linux, you’ll be allotted full root access so that you can easily set up your hosting server for demanded performance. You only need to make sure that the apps you want to run are compatible with your operating system. Besides, you’ll also get the opportunity to pick your Operating System. Isn’t that good?

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting plans give you the power to control everything on the server. It means you can fine-tune your website server at your convenience, can install software that you need- all can be done without experiencing any restriction from your web host. 

3.   Better Efficiency

Cloud computing is a very complex process, but it’s very easy to manage everything with the right hosting service provider. There are different levels of security that include SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and advanced firewall settings for encrypted security. If you opt for a Linux VPS Server, you’ll get a more secure, robust, and scalable platform that ensures better efficiency.

4.   Regular Maintenance

As a business professional, you might not get the time to manage your server by yourself, and several other essential tasks need your approval. Thus, if you are among those business professionals who don’t want to get into the technicalities of server hosting, then you must go with a Managed VPS hosting plan.

As the name suggests, managed VPS hosting ensures that everything on the servers is up-to-date and maintained regularly. It lets you give your precious time planning your business strategies while the service provider manages your VPS server. 


Are you ready to upgrade your hosting server? If yes, then you must buy Windows VPS for a growing website. Most businesses are on the verge of using the latest technologies to scale their hosting needs by using the Internet to benefit their business. Virtual servers ensure robust scalability and adaptability as the business starts growing. 

If you wish to know more about VPS hosting plans and how they benefit your business, contact Go4hosting experts at +91-120-6025102. We confer a broad range of options to let you buy Windows hosting so that you can select the best plan that meets the rising needs of your growing website.

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