Top Tips For Choosing The Right Dryer For Screen Printing Machines

Anyone dealing with screen printing and screen printing machines must have a suitable dryer to be successful. First of all, it is better to buy a commercial dryer that will fit your printing budget. If you can print your jobs faster and on time, this is a great thing or revolution for the printing industry. This will raise your starting level to a high level.

The order capacity is increased. There are several facts that can make your screen printing business successful. Below is a suitable screen printing dryer machine. How do you find the right dryer? Check the volume and quality of the dryer operation and these will separate the boys from the men or the quick dryer.

Each type of screen printing dryer has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most preferred screen dryer is a conveyor dryer and this flash dryer is good for its speed. By following the tips below, you can purchase a suitable screen printing dryer, which is described below.

A practical idea for the output of the dryer

It doesn’t matter what your current investment capacity is. If you are looking to grow your screen printing business, you need to think about a high capacity belt dryer. A small dryer can produce 72 shirts per hour. There are many dryers on the market, depending on the performance. Before buying a standard T-shirt dryer, you must therefore think about the output rate. For your initial investment to be a success, you need to choose a dryer that fits your order exactly. It would be better if you memorize the following production numbers.

6 Conveyor drying can print 72 shirts / hour

 8 conveyor belt dryers can print 200-300 shirts per hour

11 conveyor belt dryers can print 400-500 shirts per hour

13 conveyor belt dryers can print 600-800 shirts per hour

The belt dryer 17 can print over 1000 shirts per hour

The t-shirt screen printing machine can print more shirts if the conveyor belt is wider and the oven is longer. Before buying any machine, the owner of a screen printing business should review the reviews of various machines. The desired dryer is suitable for higher production. The diverted dryer directly heats the object and the clothes dry faster. The belt dryer can heat the laundry evenly and is used to heat the barn. The user of the belt dryer can monitor it in a relaxed manner, since its drying environment is in order. A commercial t-shirt screen print shop with a multicolor screen printing dryer machine may need to dry hundreds of t-shirts at a time.

  Space required for the dryer

If you have enough space for a commercial dryer, it’s an investment. Before you place the dryer next to your door, make sure you have enough space to set it up. Printing press owners who want to work from home need to think alternatively, because a commercial dryer takes up a lot of space. It is actually very big and heavy. Clean the floor when you start the dryer.

In the case of a belt dryer, this requires a lot of space to handle the machine and there must be enough space for loading and unloading the T-shirts. Replace contaminated air in the workplace with fresh air. The store building must match the building registration number of your country or city because the dryer of the screen printing machine produces heat over 600 degrees. Therefore, your screen printing shop must be comfortable for the employee.

  Power management of the dryer

The decisive factor is the electricity bill for the T-shirt printer. It is said that about 50% of the electricity bill comes from running the dryer. You need to calculate how much heat is coming out of the dryer so that your new t-shirt can dry on your electricity bill. If your screen dryer is bigger, you will need more energy. If you want to control your utility bills, you need to control temperature and voltage, and keep the heater as close to the hob as possible. Cutting your electricity bills is a lot about lowering the temperature and making you an expert in how to use electricity properly for a given project.

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