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Cakes are actually supreme delights as desserts. There are people all over the world who love having cakes and that are why they have come up with innumerable recipes which have various textures and flavours. One can always satisfy their sweet tooth with them. In fact, there are certain bake recipes which have been formulate years ago and the tastes of those cakes are still going strong.

If one wants to order and send some delicious cakes to Pakistan, then it is always a great idea to look for those traditional cakes and also their one of a kind recipe. Here are some popular cakes from the world which one must try.

Scotland: Dundee

This cake is an absolute fruit cake which is fill with dry fruits like almonds, black currants and raisins. It is originate in Scotland in the 19th century and is a conventional delight. This cake was actually made especially for the Mary Queen of Scots. The cake was decorate with cherries and blanched almonds. At present the cake is made with some Scottish whiskey add to the batter because it increases the moisture content of it.

Mexico: Tres Leches 

This cake as the name says is traditionally from Mexico but it has become quite popular in South America. This one is actually a butter sponge cake which is make from 3 different varieties of milk like evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. It has different level of sweetness and density.

India: Mawa Cake

The most popular yet traditional cake of India is the Mawa cake which is milk based one. It has some cardamoms, loaded with almonds and cashews. This cake also has a moist and rich texture which also tastes really sweet. One can find these cakes mostly at Irani or Parsi cafes.

Australia: Lamingtons

It is a very popular Australian dessert which comes with 2 sliced of sponge cakes dip heavily into chocolate sauce and then they are roll into some shredded coconuts. Sometime one can also add a layer of raspberry to make it look moister.

Greece: Yogurt Cake with Orange Syrup

This cake is a very colourful and fluffy one where cinnamons and fresh oranges are add to bring some fruity flavour to it. One can also have a lovely food experience by eating this cake and it is best to enjoy them with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Japan: Mochi

This one is a Japanese rice cake and it is made mostly during the Japanese New Year. Rice flour is here mixed with water and then they are steam well so that some small pieces of cakes can be formed from that. Then they are fill with red bean paste and sugar.

South Africa: VetKoek 

This cake is popularly known as the Fat cake. It is fluffy from inside and crispy from outside. This cake also look like some small rounde balls and then they are deep fry in oil.One can send cake to Pakistan by ordering from cake sites as well.

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