Typical Challenges Faced by Indian Call Center Industry

Several large corporations identified India as a feasible offshore service destination in the early 2000s. That was the start of the Indian call center industry’s meteoric rise. India’s growth was unabated, and the rest of the world watched as it grew into a major outsourcing destination.

The cold call management software, competent agents, and cheap labor are just a few of the reasons why the country has become a major outsourcing destination.

The Indian call center industry is currently facing significant hurdles. Spiraling employee attrition and fierce competition from emerging markets are among the challenges.

Let’s look at some of the Indian call center industry’s common issues.

High Attrition Rate

High attrition rate 

The Indian call center sector has long been plagued by high attrition rates of between 25 and 40%. Significant attrition rates are extremely unfavorable for any management team. When one employee departs the company, it results in a double impact.

The emptiness that results hurts the quality of customer service delivered. Filling vacated positions with new agents necessitates further training, which increases costs.

It Has Outgrown Its Peak Growth

It has outgrown its peak growth 

India is a well-established player, and adopting this fact at face value appears beneficial. The opposite side of the coin, on the other hand, has a different story to tell.

Businesses that outsourced their call center operations to India have their finger on the market’s pulse. They are well aware of the market’s disadvantages. They are sometimes hesitant to make new investments since they know that doing so will result in poor growth. 

Clients are also looking into new outsourcing destinations that are less expensive and more passionate about expansion.

Keeping the First Call Resolution (FCR) Rate at a High Level

Maintaining FCR rate

FCR is the customer satisfaction test for call centers. The complete call center solutions in India equips the agents to provide quick and efficient solutions. When a caller starts a chat with an agent, they want their problems to be resolved quickly. 

When a caller is forced to speak with many agents about a single issue, their satisfaction drops. However, today’s tech-savvy customers are bombarding agents with increasingly complex questions that might be difficult to answer all at once.

The Effect of Outsourcing 

The effect of outsourcing 

The Indian call center industry relies heavily on foreign investment. As a result, any change in the socioeconomic or political situation in the West has repercussions in India. 

For example, if a foreign country passes legislation prohibiting corporations from outsourcing, it will be bad news for the Indian call center industry. India will, without a doubt, suffer a loss of business.

Furthermore, if certain other nations provide superior government laws for establishing offshore call centers, this impacts Indian call centers.

There Are No Differentiating Factors 

There are no differentiating factors 

Many Indian contact centers are solely dedicated to assisting English-speaking customers. French, Spanish, and Japanese, among other prominent languages, are neglected. By doing so, companies are suffocating their growth potential under the weight of self-imposed limitations, preventing them from differentiating and growing in other relevant sectors.

Resources Allocated Are Insufficient 

Resources allocated are insufficient 

Let’s look at another issue as we wrap up our look at call center issues in India. It is typically found that the resources supplied to most Indian call centers are insufficient. Companies in India are being compelled to overwork people, and cut back on call center software, including telecalling software. 

This is typically done to preserve profitability and competes against rising global competition. As a result, some of India’s call center providers provide substandard services.


India has its unique set of issues when it comes to contact centers and BPOs, but which country doesn’t? India remains the preferred destination because of all the advantages it has to offer. Advantages include easy access to a competent resource pool, the latest call center software in India like telecalling software, cheaper services, and so on. Outsourcing call center operations to India remains a compelling option despite the difficulties.

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