Signs to Upgrade Your E-Commerce Website

Signs to Upgrade Your E-Commerce Website

True, you’ve spent a lot of money and time choosing colors, layouts, photos, and content for your website, and you’ve spent a lot of time slogging through books and web pages to get the best results. Despite all of your efforts to give your website a competitive edge in the eCommerce market, your conversion rates and overall ROI are low.

Redesigning a website is a difficult task. If your site has only shown a decline in your online business, it’s clear that an upgrade is long overdue. Any eCommerce company enters this competition solely to make money, and anything that acts as a roadblock must be removed. Read more on Magento development.

You have to do is to get to know all of the issues that are preventing site conversions. This blog will assist you in compiling a list of all the problems you’re having with your website. Hook to the blog, check these signs and upgrade your e-commerce website. By upgrading these points you can expect from your store a good CTR like other home brands do have using shopify plus.

  • Higher Bounce Rate
  • Longer Loading Time
  • Basic on-page SEO is lacking
  • Missing or Expired HTTPS
  • Poor Mobile Device Optimization
  • Difficult Navigation
  • Dead Link on site
  • No Brand Relevancy
  • Ineffective CTAs
  • A lot of Troubleshooting

Let’s get into the specifics.

High Bounce Rate

High bounce rates on your website are the result of a poor user experience. If a visitor finds your site difficult to navigate, he is more likely to abandon it. Bounce rates are measeued as the percentage of visitors who only visit one page on your website during their visit and then leave.

As a result, if a user has a negative impression of your website while navigating it, they are more likely to abandon it, increasing bounce rates.

Longer loading time

If your website has a habit of making visitors wait, you should update it right away. If your site does not load within three seconds, the visitor will lose patience and abandon the site. The time it takes for a website to load has a direct impact on conversion rates. Use tools like PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, or Gtmetrix to test the site’s speed.

Lacking Basic on-page SEO

On-page search engine optimization is required to rank your website for relevant keywords on Google, Bing, and other search engines. These keywords should be related to the brand name of your company.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Every page must have unique meta descriptions.
  • URL should have relevant keywords.
  • Internal-linking
  • Images with alt text attributes.
  • Each page’s H1 tag contains the page’s title tag.
  • The content isn’t up to date.
  • If your website’s content is outdated, it will have a hard time retaining and attracting customers. According to a study, creating 16 new pages of content per month can result in three times traffic. 

As a result of new content,

  • Increased visibility in search results
  • The website’s overall quality
  • Compelling
  • Take advantage of these advantages by adding 3-4 new pages with high-quality content to your website each week.

Missing or Expired HTTPS

Security breaches are on the rise, making visitors wary. If visitors feel unsafe on your website, they may leave right away to ensure that their personal information is not exposed.

HTTPS is a network communication protocol that encrypts data sent to and from your website. This protects your website from unauthorized visitors. When you use HTTPS for your website in Chrome, you’ll see a secure padlock icon.

Poor Mobile Device Optimization

According to a study, 80% of users use mobile phones to search the internet, and fourty percent of online transactions are completed on a mobile device. These numbers demonstrate how critical it is for your website to work on mobile devices.

A responsive design can be considered to make your website compatible with mobile devices. According to statistics, nearly half of all websites have adopted a responsive design that works across all mobile devices. Responsive design aims to achieve a dynamic layout. This will aid the design’s adaptability to any device on which it is viewed.

Complex Navigation

Complex navigation will impede every aspect of your website’s performance, from search rankings and bounce rates to conversions and user satisfaction. When a visitor comes to your ecommerce store, they should be able to find the information they are looking for quickly. Visitors will not waste time on your website and will be uninterested in your business if it is confusing and complicated.

To test your website’s navigation, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to find the content you’re looking for. By clicking on the navigation links, you can check them out. If you can’t find the content you’re looking for in a few clicks, your website’s navigation needs to improve immediately.

Dead Links on Site

Users will leave your website if broken or dead links result in a poor user experience. Clicking a dead link on website redirects users to different page like 404 error page, which encourages the user to abandon the site.

No brand relevance

Check whether your logo, header, font, formatting, and every other element of your website are all consistent with your brand. If they don’t match your website, visitors will quickly forget about your company and what it has to offer.

Upgrading your website to a new brand-focused design will give your company a distinct identity. Your brand elements assist your visitors in forming a connection with your company.

Ineffective CTA

CTA (Call-to-Action) is an indicator that directs users to take the next step in engaging with your company. As a result, it’s critical to keep track of the CTA’s performance. You can use CTR to see how compelling your CTA is at grabbing your user’s attention. If your CTR is less than 3%, experiment with different CTAs to find the best one for your website and business.

A lot of Troubleshooting

If you’re spending half of your time fixing technical issues with your site, start looking for a new hosting option, Content Management System (CMS), shopping cart programs, or the entire framework.

A great deal of troubleshooting is time-consuming. It’s aggravating to look into the error messages and wonder why the feature isn’t supporting your work. If you haven’t already considered it, your site’s scalability is an important feature to consider. This will be a problem if your company and business expand, but your website cannot keep up.

In a nutshell

Websites are a powerful marketing tool for establishing a connection between your business and your audience, so you should update your site on regular basis. This is critical for your online presence because it leaves a lasting impression on visitors, which directly impacts your business. For this, you can hire a professional Shopify web development company or an eCommerce web development firm.

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