UTI in cats – all you need to know about it

UTI in cats – all you need to know about it

The chances for your cat to suffer from urinary tract information are small. It is one of the prime reasons for cats to get abandoned and they are forced to find a place in the common animal shelters. It can be so adverse that owners often consider the option of euthanasia as well in case there is no possibility to take them back to their homes. But it is lucky for us that there have been significant advancements in the fields of medicine and nutrition for cats that can help is to treat the issues of UTI. Below mentioned are the prime signs to look out for if you suspect that your cat may be suffering from UTI.   

Your cat is straining to urinate

The most common reason for cats to suffer from urinary tract infection, especially in the lower parts of the tract is due to inflammations in the urinary bladder. It is called as idiopathic cystitis in the feline group. This inflammation may be responsible to bring in straining effects when your cat is trying to urinate. If things are not taken seriously, it may bring in something even more dangerous and harmful. Severe emergency conditions that may result due to negligence include stone formation in the urinary bladder. It may even lead to the formation of a plug in the urethral column that can even threaten the life of your pet. It is more common in male cats and these formations can cause a cat to stop urinating.

Repeated trials to urinate

When a cat suffers from UTI, he will generally try to urinate more often than a normal healthy cat on a daily basis. This is mainly because he cannot evacuate the urine stored in his bladder. As he fails to urinate, he gets repeated urges to expel the wastes from his body, thus causing him to urine an abnormal count of times daily. More than being frustrating, it is overly dangerous. This is especially because the cat fails to get rid of the toxins in their body as they are blocked from the process. It is same as humans – they have no other way to eradicate the toxins other than urine.

Pain sensation during urination

It is one of the most common symptoms for cats suffering from urinary tract infections. They will feel an associated pain. It can be extreme to such an extent that the cat may start licking their own penile or vaginal area in frustration. At times, they also lick the abdominal area if the pain is too severe and they just cannot tolerate it any more. It is the way cats try to soothe themselves. Irritation craves in them especially due to the pain they suffer and also because the pain stops them from urinating though they have huge urges.

Blood in the urine

If you see that the urine of your cat is discolored or has the appearance of blood tinges, you should consider looking into the matter more seriously. There are chances that he or she is suffering from UTI and you need to take immediate steps to relief him from the pain. In case it turns too severe, it can even threaten the life of the pet. The chance of bloodied urine is more common in females who suffer from infections in their urinary tract in comparison to the males.

They are not urinating within the litter box but outside

While it is not uncommon for cats to urinate out of the litter box, it may be the result of severe medical conditions as well. If he or she is constantly urinating outside the litter box, it is necessary for you to pay attention for the other symptoms that have already been discussed to confirm if the cat is suffering from urinary tract infections.


The Pet Practice have said that the best way for a vet to have a confirmed diagnosis of your cat is to go for a urinalysis test. It can help to determine the presence of bacteria in the urine of the cats. Among a lot of common bacteria known to bring in UTI among cats, Escherichia coli is the most common one. Through a urinalysis test, a vet can confirm on the main disease causing organism in the cat. Another test to diagnose the condition is Complete Blood Count (CBC) test that allows tracking the levels of blood to confirm the symptoms of UTI.


Antibiotics can be the best options to beat the infections. Maintain follow ups with your vet to completely cure the causes of infection and prevent it from spreading to any other parts of the cat’s body. The cases of UTI in cats are not at all similar to those in humans and extreme cases can instigate kidney diseases which can be even harder to deal. It is best to always keep things under control and your vet can be the best option for the same.


The best way to prevent any infection in the urinary tract of cats is to keep a check on their diet and their regular habits. In case of any discrepancies, get in touch with your vet to prevent any further infection.

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