Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Work

Xmas party

Now that the season of singing carols and eating plum cakes is officially here, use this opportunity to throw the perfect Christmas party for your employees. You might be wondering how someone can host a party online, ain’t you? But if you can crack deals using a virtual event platform, why can’t you celebrate festivals virtually?

Let us take you through some wondrous office Christmas party ideas that will make this festive season a memorable one. 

Virtual Movie Night-

Host a movie night to celebrate this Christmas unusually with your employees. It is an exciting way to bring in the Santa festival in the best way possible. Watching a movie with your employees will help you strengthen team bonding. Make sure you select a movie that most people would like to watch. You can also conduct an online poll so that you’re aware of everybody’s choice. To make it more interesting, you can also ask your employees to get some snacks. What better than munching on some popcorn and enjoying a movie with your work team? 

Curate a Playlist-

Is it even a party if it doesn’t have any music? Put on some good music to get the party going. You can also curate an open playlist so that all your employees can add the songs of their choice to it. It will not only make the party fun but also make your employees feel relaxed. Make it more entertaining by hosting a karaoke session. Encourage your employees to participate in the karaoke pool to make the event more lively. You don’t need anything much to host a karaoke, a person to handle the playlist, a playlist, and excited participants will do. 

Host a Trivia Session-

Test the knowledge of your employees; check if they know enough about the festival or not. Add some excitement and curiosity among your employees by hosting a trivia night. You can announce prizes and gifts for the winners to encourage your employees to participate in the trivia. If you don’t feel like hosting a Christmas trivia, you can select any theme based on your choice. Either you can curate a custom trivia or choose any fun topic. The idea is to make the Christmas celebrations as fun as they can get, so choose the subject accordingly. Various Virtual Event Service Providers offer exciting features like live polls and quizzes. Make use of these features and host exciting trivia and quizzes. 

Sing Carols-

Have you ever heard of any Christmas celebration without carols? Christmas without carols sounds as similar as cakes without sweetness. Sing carols with your employees to give your party a Christmas-y feel. You can also invite a professional group to sing carols at your Christmas celebrations. Step up your party game by dividing your employees into small groups and assigning different hymns to them. It will set you all in the festive mode and engage your employees. 

Host a Virtual Dance Party-

Another idea that can make your party more fun and engaging is a dance party. So what if you can’t hit a dance floor with your peers physically; you can always do that virtually. Get up; it’s time to show some moves. You can also host a virtual dance competition to get the festive spirit right. Include a theme, maybe something like famous 90’s songs or Michael Jackson tracks. You can also do some signature steps with your teammates. Don’t get too much into particularities and go with the flow. Dancing with your teammates will also help you get some blood flowing and help you release all your stress, and make it a memorable experience for you and your teammates. 

This Christmas, be your employees’ Santa-

If you’re aware of Christmas, you must also have an idea about Secret Santa. It is an activity where people send gifts to each other without revealing who they are. Everything remains the same, just that it happens online in case of virtual secret Santa activity. Usually, everyone is assigned names to give gifts to. To make the process easier and fun, you can use some apps. You can allocate names a few days before the party so that the gift reaches their doorstep by the day of the celebrations. Make it more interesting by dressing up as a Santa at the party and distributing virtual gifts to your employees. 

Unleash Employees’ Inner Artists-

This Christmas, bring out the inner artist of your employees by hosting an art and craft competition. You can ask your employees to make funny cards and posers. It won’t only keep the employees excited about the party but also give everyone numerous reasons to laugh. Your attendees can either make physical cards or virtual cards. It won’t demand serious crafting skills, and they can do this using free apps like Canva. To make it more exciting, allocate a time limit, say 5 minutes. Though it sounds too less, with the mentioned app, it is more than enough. It is also where all the excitement and fun lies. Display their creativity during the celebration and let the live polls decide which one deserves to take the prize home.

Organise a costume competition-

Host a costume contest for your employees and set a particular theme for the same. Level Up your game by selecting an off-beat theme. You can also announce prizes that way. It will compel your employees to step outside the PJ mode, and they will finally have something to look forward to. You can ask them to dress up like their favorite cartoon character or Marvel character. 

Make virtual games a part of your office party-

Get the virtual Christmas party program flowing by including various games. Here are some virtual Christmas party game ideas that you can include to make sure your employees have fun at the event. 

  1. Pictionary- One of the most loved games across the world, Pictionary will definitely help your employees forget all their memories for a while and enjoy the game. You can download the game online and get the fun going by drawing hilarious pictures. 
  2. Dumb Charades- Show us even a single person who doesn’t know about this classic game; we will wait. Everyone knows how it works, so what are you looking for? Get your spirits high with a game of charades with your employees. 

Virtual office Christmas parties can be as fun as physical ones; all you need is proper planning, some engaging activities, and a virtual Christmas party platform like Dreamcast. Make this festive season a remembering one for your employees by incorporating the above-mentioned activities. 

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