Visiting the best Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh Hotel

Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh Hotel

You probably love to travel to different places around the world and enjoy different activities, shopping and visiting some interesting places. If you are traveling to different places, you seek for an accommodation in a hotel or a lodge. Madhya Pradesh in India is also one of the cherished destinations of tourists. Some interesting tourist places in Madhya Pradesh are Rajwada, Sarafa Bazaar, Patalpani Falls, Lotus Lake, Choral Dam, etc. People can enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of the people and some places that are calm and beautiful. Another interesting feature of Madhya Pradesh is exotic wildlife and you can find many wildlife sanctuaries in this state. Some of the famous sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh are Kanha National Park, Ralamandal, Bandhavgarh National Park etc. It is a large 14 hectare land located in the Ranchi Village. Many people visit the Bandhavgarth National Park of Madhya Pradesh known for its diversity in wildlife. You can find many exotic wild creatures in this place. It is a 450 sq kilometer park located in a remote place of Madhya Pradesh. If you are visiting this national Park, then you can seek accommodation in Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh.

About the Kings Lodge

You can stay in the luxurious hotel located amidst the exotic national park viewing the wildest species. You can stay in beautiful cottage homes for some days in the wild forest surrounded by huge trees, grass, mountains etc. It is an ideal place to spot a wild tiger walking amidst the forests. In this hotel, you can enjoy staying, eating, and some best amenities. Living in the midst of deep jungles, you yet live luxuriously and enjoy the facilities available in homes. In this area, you can find 10 cottages that are well-furnished and yet 8 stilt cottages.

Staying in King’s Lodge

You can comfortably stay in the air-conditioned cottages that are well-ventilated too. These rooms are embedded with plush beds that are covered with soft-textured mattresses and bedheets made from linen cloth. To rejuvenate their minds, they can sit comfortably in the verandah and enjoy watching the lovely forest scenes. Outdoors, they can comfortably sit on the table or the chair. They can become fresh with warm-water bath and use the organic toiletries also. They are focused towards maintaining an eco-friendly environment too. So, they follow the waste disposal system to keep the environment clean.

Dining Hall

They can enjoy different types of food in the dining hall served at different locations. You can also eat outdoors as campfire food is prepared. They also organize an interactive dinner session at the kitchen garden by the chefs of the hotel. The tourists can enjoy different types of local, national or continental cuisines. The members are so interactive with the guests that they understand the dietary patterns and requirements of the guests. If you are allergic to any type of food, then you should mention. The food is prepared from the fresh grains, fruits or vegetables that are freshly picked from the farms.

Enjoying different facilities in the hotel

The guests can eat delicious recipes prepared by the expert chefs watching the wild grasslands of the forests and the lovely hills covered with huge trees. Standing over the watch tower, you can view lovely exotic birds flying and residing in the nests of wild trees. You can simply sit outdoors along with your people and interact with each other. Watching the lovely birds, you can also capture some beautiful images. You can enjoy barbeque outdoors and enjoy the best dinner. You can simply visit the Nature library reading some interesting books.  The tourist can truly experience something nostalgic watching the wild animals. They can also enjoy eating food in the kitchen garden and swimming in the pool. You can visit the beautiful butterfly farm and watch the colored butterflies in the air. You can roam around the jungles using a bicycle or simply walk.

Activities to be enjoyed in the jungles

Staying few days amidst the jungles, you can also visit the spa center and undergo some rejuvenation therapies. They provide the best massage treatment to provide relief. You can also visit the nearby villages and view the lifestyle and culture of the people living in the villages. The butterfly farm of the jungle has over 40 species of butterflies and the visitors can enjoy roaming in the exotic jungles also.

You can visit the naturalists in the library who conduct evening sessions in the library. In this place, you can talk to some people who discuss some points about the place and the richness of flora and fauna culture. The nature guides also accompany you outdoors to view the exotic wildlife and the rich flora and fauna culture in the jungles. The boat men also take a ferry in the pond and you can enjoy your boat ride in the forest also.

Some of the activities the tourists can enjoy are bird watching, jeep safari, craft workshops, etc.

In the hotel, you can stay comfortably for some nights.  You can also bring your children to the park and additional bed is provided to them.  In the room, you can enjoy different types of facilities such as electrical kettle, air conditioner, mirror, blanket, toiletries, towels, shower, and a dental kit for aged people etc. they can also enjoy the laundry services also along with the geyser facility. You are provided with a bag of mineral water. In the hotel, you can enjoy lunch, dinner and breakfast.  The hoteliers provide safety and security facilities to the guests such as the fire extinguishers, security services etc. if you are ill, they also provide first-aid services. You can visit the spa for some days for self-grooming. If you require cash, then you can visit the ATM center also. The kids are allocated with a separate kid’s area to play around. The guests also provide dispensers for disinfectants. You can enjoy some outdoor activities such as jungle safari, bonfire, vehicle rentals, etc. The guests can enjoy sitting on the outdoor furniture that is neatly laid.

The Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh is an amazing place for the nature lovers and the people who enjoy wildlife.

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