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Many men would want a Rolex watch for their wrist, but you might be shocked to learn that, even though I appreciate the company’s history and accomplishments, I’m not one of those guys. We reviewed benefits and drawbacks in our “Is It Worth It?” video on Rolex watches–and overall, it appears that Rolex is probably worth the money. So why did I decide against getting one?

Rolex does not just charge for quality, but also for “brand name” status.

Rolex is known for being a very expensive brand. I’m not willing to pay that much money for something just because it’s Rolex, and the same goes for used Rolex watches. The value of used Rolex watches in the market is mostly determined by supply and demand, not because the timepieces are inherently superior to their competition. Don’t get me wrong! Although Rolex makes excellent timepieces, they aren’t any more dependable, technologically interesting, or comfortable than other watch manufacturers on the market (that may cost a lot less).

You can see that Rolex watch retail prices outpace inflation when you look at it more closely. When compared to the rate of inflation, though, Rolex watches are being sold at a hyperinflationary price. In other words, you’re paying double for the same thing because the brand is more valuable now, not because the product has improved.

Rolex watches are not always handcrafted; however, they are a mass-market product.

When I must pick between a wonderful mass-market product and a fantastic artisanal one, I choose the latter 99 per cent of the time. A luxury item (by definition) is more valuable because it is somewhat distinct and limited. If everyone has a Rolex, it isn’t a luxury watch anymore. Because my style differs from that of most other males, why shouldn’t I have a wristwatch that does as well?

Rolex creates around eight hundred thousand timepieces each year, the majority of which are rather similar. Furthermore, consider all of the fakes that are on the market–you’ll see that Rolexes are a mass-market product with millions of watches that look extremely similar to one another. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something that is essentially what everyone else has as well. So even though Rolexes are the example for “a nice watch,” I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to keep up with the Joneses and have the same watch.

Buying a Vintage Rolex Has Its Drawbacks

Vintage items are wonderful to have, but vintage Rolexes may be difficult to come by because there are so many fakes about them. One of the reasons I like vintage things is that they’re usually one-of-a-kind items due to their scarcity.

Because original things may have been worn out or destroyed, the remainder is certainly a “limited edition.” Also, until recently, items were frequently produced to endure longer–whereas today, items are created to break three days after the guarantee expires. I still purchase a lot of vintage goods even though I can afford to buy new ones because of these reasons.

Surprise, surprise! I have the same feelings about timepieces that you do. I only have a few, and most of them are vintage. Take a look at the Reverso from Jaeger LeCoultre; it’s smaller than most timepieces today, yet it appeals to me on my wrist. Because its heritage is as a polo watch, I can wear it comfortably without feeling self-conscious about my attire.

Rolex Watches are Aggressively Counterfeited

Rolex counterfeiters produce so many watches that their quality of them is surprisingly high, even at a lower price range. OEM (“Original Equipment Manufacturer”) parts are also present, as well as lots of repairability. When you purchase from a vintage dealer, they have their reputation on the line; this is excellent because they don’t want to sell you fakes (otherwise, they’d lose their business)

Dealers can also purchase timepieces from wholesalers, which may be sold without the box and papers. Perhaps a particular watch was serviced by an unauthorized Rolex dealer who used components that were identical in form but not genuine Rolex parts.

If you’re buying a rare Rolex and don’t mind paying a premium, the resale value may be worth it. However, if you intend to resell the watch one day, it’s likely to be deemed partially fake. As a result, there are several dangers associated with acquiring vintage Rolexes that must be considered. Even if you work with a trustworthy seller, there may be anything wrong with the watch. If you truly want to acquire a genuine Rolex, your only certain method is to purchase new at a high retail price.

Most Rolex Models Aren’t a Good Fit for My Style

The “sports” or “professional” versions of Rolex retain their value. In contrast, I dress up more formally and more elegantly than most guys; as a result, I prefer dress watches. Now there is a dress watch line (which is not well-known) from Rolex called “Cellini.” The line has an average price point that’s significantly higher than many of their sports models (which typically sell for $6 to $10K). Most Cellini timepieces are made out of gold and, because gold is so much more expensive, the retail price is also greater.

The main benefit of Cellini timepieces is that they are not as frequently faked, allowing you to acquire vintage versions for as little as three or four thousand dollars. I think their appearances may get a bit outdated depending on the decade they were made, but they also have some classic watches in their collection. In other words, here’s the “exceptional exception” in today’s post: if I ever buy a Rolex, it’ll most likely be a Cellini in traditional gold colour.

A Rolex Watch is a Status Symbol (That I Don’t Feel a Need to Have)

You probably know that I run my own company: the Gentleman’s Gazette website and e-shop. I’m not doing million-dollar sales deals in corporate America boardrooms – but if I were, I think I’d consider buying a Rolex watch because it can signal success and tell the other person, “This guy is serious.” As a result, it’s more of a uniform than an expression of personal style.

I have a very public online and offline track record, so I don’t need to defend myself with the watch I’m wearing. People can see that I’m really into men’s clothing, and we have pleased clients, therefore there’s no need for me to prove anything to anybody with this watch.

Personally, Watches Just Aren’t a Passion of Mine

I am, however, devoted to several things in life. Watches are not one of them, though. I feel emotionally engaged when I drive a fast automobile, for example. When I see a nice watch, I like the appearance of it–but emotionally, it leaves me cold. For example, I like the look of certain watches from A Lange & Sohne: the Reverso, Tank Americaine, Royal Oak, or Patek Phillippe Calatrava.

I like cuffs and rings overwatches; I know many men do not, but I do. They’re collectable, more affordable, and more distinctive than timepieces. Rings and cufflinks are an accessory, just as a watch is, so they don’t have the same emotional effect as driving a fast automobile or experiencing the acceleration and breaking.


I wouldn’t buy a Rolex because it isn’t my style, I don’t care for the design all that much, and it’s simply too expensive, so I’d rather spend my money on other things. It doesn’t matter whether the rest of the world likes Rolexes since you may like them, too. We think that huge purchases like this should be made more about staying true to oneself, especially given all of the watch marketing now available.

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