Ways To Celebrate Diwali In COVID-19

Ways To Celebrate Diwali In COVID-19

The most-anticipated Indian event, the “Diwali” or “Deepawali” festival of lights, has finally soaked the entire country in a joyous spirit. People have cleaned and whitewashed their homes, purchased earthen lamps and wicks, sugar toys, decorative objects, and so on.

Celebrate By Giving Gifts 

Gifts are a vital element of the festivities. The exchanging of gifts is what distinguishes Diwali and instils in us a sense of camaraderie and community. Diwali gifts to make the celebration so wonderful, whether young or elderly, close or far.

Diwali Cleaning 

Before the first Diwali festival day of Dhanteras, properly clean your home. Put all your bank accounts and files in order, do all of your laundry, and make sure your home is nice and clean in preparation for the upcoming celebration. This will provide mental clarity and tranquillity, putting you in the perfect frame of mind to move on to additional celebratory activities.

Get Dolled Up 

Diwali is all about dressing up in traditional attire, getting together with friends and family, and taking a ton of photos. Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of it. Dress up and meet your friends and family virtually via video call. Color-coordinate your outfit with your family for those fantastic photos.

Have A Conversation With Your Neighbour 

You’ve been avoiding your neighbour in the halls for so long, urgently and repeatedly hitting the “shut lift” button the second you hear movement at their door. However, now that Diwali has arrived and you’ve resorted to viewing their Diwali party through a keyhole in your door, you should let go of your fears and strike up a discussion with them.

Go Shopping 

People shop a lot for themselves and their families. They usually buy Diwali sweets, items to beautify their homes, such as electronics, cutlery, and jewellery. If you’re planning to be in any Indian metropolises, take advantage of the pre-Diwali deals. The artisan bazaars are where you’ll find the best deals and one-of-a-kind things. Every city will undoubtedly have one.

Connect With Local Community 

While social distance makes large gatherings impossible, you can still connect with other people of Indian origin in your area who celebrate Diwali. Look for virtual meetups or host your own.

Avoid excessive celebrating.

Overboard parties frequently result in injuries, deaths, and the loss of essential items. People have been hurt in the past while bursting firecrackers or burning the Rawan statue on Dussehra. Several structures have caught fire during these celebrations, causing people to lose their property and lives. These things are easily averted if sufficient precautions are taken.

Don’t Slack Off on Your Work.

Diwali means celebration, which means more energy for lounging than work, resulting in less work before and after the weekend. Just because you’re going to cleanse at several events doesn’t imply you have to abandon your job. Deal with what’s vital and urgent over the holiday

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