We bet you didn’t know these 5 secrets about Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversation Intelligence is not a new concept and has been making rounds for a few years. 

Especially with remote selling picking up the fire, conversation intelligence tools are more prominent than before.

As per online knowledge, we’re sure you know CI tools record, transcribe, and analyze calls to give insights that otherwise are hard to produce manually. 

And customer conversations are immensely useful and helpful for a business. 

The combination of software and customer conversation can do wonders. Hence it’s not right to know the conversation intelligence platform at a surface level.

The time has arrived to unveil the secrets of an AI-enabled conversation intelligence software. Are you ready?

So, here we go…

1. Market Intelligence

Let’s start by discussing what you can find in the intelligence tool. 

Yeah, there’s customer interaction with your sales personnel but is that all?

The customer interactions are market insights that are hard to find otherwise. 

Clients coming from various industries, geographical locations, and business situations can offer information unavailable online. They acquaint you with practical scenarios and internal access to data such as financial conditions, core pain points, industry trends, etc.

Customer conversations and changing needs can be easily accessed with Conversation Intelligence. Using the software, organizations keep track of the ever-changing market. 

2. People Intelligence

Traditionally, teams had to evaluate sales performances by participating in live calls. Sales managers indulged in either overtime or completely neglected the conversations. 

Hence, business results formed biases, and little information available from peers made a good rep look like a low-performer.

With conversation intelligence, you get access to the rep’s performance without participating in the call. 

Managers can track how salespeople perform daily using people intelligence. By identifying soft skill growth opportunities, they can make recommendations. Based on AI-driven analysis, conversation Intelligence recommends best practices, improvement points, etc.

3. Deal Intelligence

Now, conversation intelligence sounds focused on conversations, right?

And that’s where most leaders get caught. 

A CI tool is not just a CI tool anymore. Now there’s an option to level up your sales activities by landing a deal intelligence Dashboard to your conversation intelligence software- a proactive sales approach.

From the first contact to the moment the deal closes, you have complete visibility into every deal. Deal risks, opportunities, and blockers are identified and communicated to team members. Sellers and their teams can work efficiently to close deals in time. 

Deal intelligence is an exceptional risk indicator. You have a consolidated, uncensored view of your deals, making it easier to quickly identify and act upon risks such as no communication with the buyer, etc. 

If you don’t want the deal to slide into the competition’s pocket, you must invest time in deal intelligence. 

4. Integrates with your CRM software

How would it feel to have all your client data and conversations available at a single location?

Amazing and super convenient, right?

You can now watch as client conversation data is automatically merged into the associated contact/account record. A CRM system and call recording software will allow your sales team to access all call and contact data in one place. By logging into your CRM solution, you can access the recordings of your clients’ conversations without switching applications.

After call completion, the conversation intelligence tool automatically pushes the completed task and the following data points to the respective account in CRM:

  1. Topics Discussed
  2. Recorded call link
  3. Competitor discussed
  4. Sentiment of customer
  5. Action items/Next Steps

FYI, you’ll be glad to learn that Convin, a conversation intelligence tool is a good fit for your Sales Stack. The CI platform seamlessly integrates with nearly all the sales stacks. 

Here’s a list for your reference-

  • CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshworks, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Dialers: Ring Central, Freshcaller, Dialpad, Outreach, Aircall, etc.
  • Video Conferencing: Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, Cisco Webex.
  • Calendar: Outlook, Google Calendar.
  • Team Messaging: Slack, Google Chat, etc.

5. Non-sales users

Last but another big misconception about the CI software is that ONLY the sales team use the intelligence software.

Are you of the same opinion?

Well, you’ll be happy to learn that besides sales teams, product, marketing, customer support, and customer success teams leverage this versatile software solution.


Without a fantastic product or service to sell, what would your sales or marketing team sell?

Problems arise when your product team fails to align with the market and customer requirements. To obtain this information, product teams heavily rely on the internet and sales conversations since the product team is not customer-facing.

Your product team has direct access to the customer’s voice by recording sales calls. 

They can gain insights into what customers need and potential feature gaps.


Even though most companies need sales and marketing to work together, this isn’t the case in reality. Marketing and sales teams operate separately, which is inefficient for the business. 

Implementing a conversation intelligence system can make the sales team’s collaboration seamless. Marketing can utilize customer feedback, pain points, and queries in running marketing campaigns. After the call is recorded, insights are also delivered to the marketing inbox.

Customer Support

Customer support is usually bombarded with critical client problems blaming different teams. Now this situation can be easily avoided using call recording intelligence software. Your sales staff can quickly dispute such issues with irrefutable evidence, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

Customer Success

Your customer success agents are another customer-facing team. When you record these calls, you can learn the common hiccups of every deployment, what your customers are saying, and what new features or services you can probably cross-sell and up-sell in the future.

How do you feel introduced to plenty of fresh use cases around conversation intelligence software?

Productive and efficient choice, right?

Well, that’s the truth!

Your conversation intelligence software can do much more than just sales coaching and performance evaluation. So next time you run or purchase a software product like this, go deeper in understanding how else and who else can benefit from the software.

Did you say you want to go deeper into conversation intelligence? Here’s your chance- Try Now!

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