We Found the Best BigCommerce SEO Agency to Try in 2023

When you have a creative small business and want to share your story and products to the world, you may turn to BigCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform. But when it comes to finding new customers, you’ll need some help from SEO experts. Luckily, we have found the best BigCommerce SEO agency to get you incredible results in 2022.

What is BigCommerce?
BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform made for online retailers. You can create an online store, making it match your specific style, and list products in a customer-friendly way. There are also many useful tools that can help you with marketing and security.

How many stores are on BigCommerce?
There are over 60,000 stores on BigCommerce. It’s becoming one of the most popular sites for businesses both big and small. But with so much competition, you’ll need SEO experts to help your store stand out in your chosen space.

Best BigCommerce SEO agency
Genius E-Commerce is one of the top BigCommerce SEO agency options out there. Their strategy is to boost your website and increase traffic!

SEO is critical for the success of any website but it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, Genius E-Commerce has BigCommerce SEO experts that understand the website and how to better optimize it for SEO. Their goal is to make your website trustworthy, streamlined, and informative. Here’s how!

Website Design
Your website has to be functional and have an easily accessible design that will effortlessly guide users to make purchases. This will not only make customers enjoy yours website but make search engines recognize your site and move it higher in searches.

A perfectly executed keyword strategy will instantly improve your website. But you can’t just pick any keywords. A BigCommerce SEO agency like Genius E-Commerce will perform a thorough user behavior analysis to figure out the best keywords for your customers.

Technical SEO
You’ll need to build and customize your website to make it a success — and BigCommerce gives you the open-source tools and features to do it. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Genius E-Commerce will analyze over 200 factors to see what type of optimization your site needs for peak performance.

Backlinking is mandatory if you want your site to be seen as an authority on certain subject matters and products. SEO experts will craft a content strategy that results in quality backlinks that make your website stand out to search engines and customers alike.

Will SEO increase revenue?
Technically yes. Of course, the sole purpose of SEO optimization, but it’s very common to see revenue go up due to the improved customer experience, effective content strategies, and engaging storefront. SEO is about more than just increasing impressions. It’s about offering value to the people that visit your site and helping them find what they’re looking for.

How much work goes into SEO strategy?
Specialized BigCommerce SEO agency companies exist for a reason. It takes a full-time team to optimize SEO properly and you’re most likely busy with your business. You can focus on your customers and products while Genius E-Commerce uses their expertise to improve your website and increase traffic to your BigCommerce website.

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