Wedding Photography: Popular Terms Made Simple

In today’s competitive wedding photography market, it’s not unusual to come across many terms, and in some cases, some photographers use them to describe their work. While most of this is useful information, it can sometimes feel like a marketing ploy. It is believed that the happy couple knows very well what they want to convey memoryfilming . If this isn’t your first time getting married, it can be overwhelming.

Below are some common phrases with simple explanations of their meanings.

Traditional wedding photography.

As the exposure time of the cameras can take a long time, each of these photos will not be processed yet and these photos will be discarded. Formal photos of family members and the bride and groom may be taken, although it is not fashionable these days.

Wedding photography

This is also known as “fly on the wall” photography. The idea is to photograph people naturally without the photographer knowing about them.

Formal Wedding Photography.

In this type of photo, everyone is carefully positioned and everyone is looking directly at the camera. It may be that you don’t want your album to be taken, but your parents or older members of the wedding party will want to see the photos taken this way.

Magazine style

This seems to be very popular right now, and it refers to album designs that use more than one image per page or can span two pages by creating dynamic layouts that tell little stories about certain times of the day.

Fashion style wedding photography.

This is the style you usually see in magazines. The shots are semi-directional, the best background is selected with strategic lighting, and the bride and groom are captured in a partially “natural” scene.

Photojournalism wedding photography.

Usually shot in black and white. The phraseology is derived from documentary description, which ignores situations and any photography. Photojournalism is capturing the story of your day, but in a flattering way that’s still out of place.

Wedding photography

Now this is definitely jargon, an attempt to sell photo-media photography.

Color photos

This style of photography means that only the rest is in color, leaving the rest in sepia or black and white. While this may seem very effective to begin with, it has the downside of making your album look a bit unsightly and may hide your album prematurely.

No matter what style you choose for your wedding day, wedding photography in Sydney will never be boring.

For many, a beach wedding is a dream. As a wedding photographer, your goal is to capture that dream forever so that they can share their best day with their grandchildren when they’re old.

Beach wedding photography is not without its challenges. 

All wedding photography requires an unwavering eye for composition and saintly patience. Beach wedding photography comes with its own set of challenges. Sand and sea spray are not suitable for expensive cameras.

Beach weddings are usually reversible. Knowing where the wedding party is going, how long the event will last, and most importantly, where they will be staying, is essential to getting the best photos possible. As a photographer, one should not be too aggressive. People want to cherish the wonderful pictures of their day forever, and they want to enjoy the moment and not spend the whole day taking pictures.

Photographers want to take pictures. 

They want to set up, adjust the lights, how to pose the model, find that killer texture. It’s important to remember that the bride and groom are not models, they want you to capture their best, but they also want to have wonderful memories of their day.

Photography is both an artistic and a technical endeavor, and in addition to beautifully rendered images, it can also showcase its technical prowess. A photographer uses his camera like an artist’s brush, a tool to capture a unique perspective of the universe around him.

Wedding photography is no different than any other photography and it can be a very lucrative career, so I highly recommend it. Make sure you can only get people married once, so the photos have to be accurate.

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