What Are the Advantages of Bodysurfing with A Handplane?

bodysurfing handplanes

If you love bodysurfing, but would rather conserve your energy to catch more waves than paddle back out, consider trying bodysurfing handplanes. A handplane, also known as a bodyboard or boogie board, can make the experience of bodysurfing so much more enjoyable! Check out the advantages of using a handplane below!

Very Portable

Handplanes are lightweight and are easy to transport to and from where you will be surfskiing. The smaller size means it is easier to carry, store and transport than other equipment.

No Motor

 Bodysurfing with a Handplane doesn’t require a motor, meaning there’s no noise pollution or fumes emitted into our waters, leaving them cleaner and healthier for all species that inhabit them.

Convenient For Travel

Handplanes are pretty easy to transport, so they’re not difficult to bring along with you wherever you go. Whether it’s travelling by plane, train, or automobile, bringing your favourite hand plane along with you is no problem at all. No worries about paying exorbitant fees for checked baggage, and no need to worry about getting them lost in transit either! Throw them into your bag, and off you go.

Increase Bodysurfing Speed

As we mentioned above, getting good at bodysurfing increases your speed, and you can get up to 15 mph. Many surfers have tried growing their speeds with a regular bodyboard but are not able to achieve that level of speed. One big reason is the lack of balance, which is difficult to accomplish when you’re standing on something and trying to paddle against waves. Bodysurfing handplanes provide that extra balance, so they don’t tip over while surfing.

bodysurfing handplanes
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Ride Waves Further

Handplanes allow you to catch waves further out, so if you’re waiting around on a big swell, one of these boards can help get you out beyond where you’d normally be able to go. That extra distance gained means less time wasted bobbing up and down in deep water, waiting for your next ride.

Increase Lift

Compared to traditional methods like a shortboard or longboard, bodysurfing with a handplane increases lift. This means you can go faster and catch more waves when going downhill.

Better Positioning

When you’re bodysurfing, positioning is everything. You want to be in a place where you can catch as many waves as possible without getting washed onto an offshore sandbar. It might take some time to learn how to position yourself on your board while out in open water, but if you stick with it and hone your skills, there are few things more fun than travelling through powerful waves.

Longer Barrel Time

Longer barrel time means you can enjoy more rides per day, giving you more chances to get barreled. Also, since it is more difficult to hold onto your board in big surf, bodysurfing with bodysurfing handplanes enables you to be in deeper barrels for longer periods.

Easier Paddle Out

 Paddling out on your boogie board takes endurance and physical strength (especially if there are offshore winds). Bodysurfing with your handplane does not require as much strength or endurance as paddling out on a board.

Reduces Drag And Friction

By holding your surfboard and bodysurf board with one hand, you’re reducing drag by 50 per cent compared to carrying it under your arm. (It also saves you from getting blisters!) It also takes the friction out of your surfing experience, as you’re not rubbing against sand or grass as much. This allows you to go faster and farther without tiring out as quickly.

More Fun

You’ll have so much fun making barrel runs and catching deep rides that you’ll forget about any potential danger associated with being under heavy waves! So go ahead, let us know what kind of barrels you are getting!

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