What Are the Best Features of Rudn Enclave?

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Everyone wants to live and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the most ideal and comfortable location. A few years ago, it was not easy to live in a housing society with all the facilities and amenities in one place. Only people with high incomes and those belonging to the upper class could get these facilities and live a luxurious lifestyle. But now, the newly emerging societies like Rudn Enclave rawalpindi have made this possible for all to get these basic facilities. So, we’ll outline Rudn Enclave’s top qualities in this article.

Rudn Enclave Introduction

Rudn Enclave is the best and hottest addition to the real estate market. Because of its developers’ and designers’ work, it is the best on the market. The first thing that impresses the people right after entering society is its gate. The society features the best gate at the entrance that you cannot get and see in any other society of Islamabad and, in fact, in any city of Pakistan. The design and great infrastructure of the gate attract many people to invest in this society.

Moreover, it is common for people to become curious to know what other great features they can get in society because the door is amazing like this. The society is also present in the ideal location of Islamabad in the vicinity of two dams. Have you ever imagined you can get the chance to live in a society that is surrounded by dams on both sides? Isn’t that a fantastic feature you can only find here? So, we can say the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are lucky enough to enjoy these facilities.

Developers and Designers

The best feature of the Rudn Enclave is its designers and developers. Among the developers, the name RMRSCO shines at the top, and no one can deny the popularity of this company. RMRSCO is developing this housing society in collaboration with the NESPAK. The developers have more than ten years of experience in the real estate market, and they serve the best residents. 

Moreover, the developers have the best project managers, engineers, technical professionals, and management teams. It is a large-scale project for the company, and the developers are dedicated to making this the best of all their projects. In addition, due to their constant hard work and struggle, they have received the Rudn Enclave NOC from the authorities.

Rudn Enclave Location

The next best feature of the society is Rudn Enclave Location, which is ideally present at the Main Adyala Road near the CPEC route. The society is adjacent to the DHA Phase IV and phase 8 extension Bahria Town. In addition, from the Chakri road, the society is at a distance of 20 Km. The same is the distance between Bahria Town and Saddar.

Moreover, the project of Rudn Enclave came into the limelight due to the development of Ring Road Rawalpindi. Also, the central area of the housing society is in the vicinity of the two water bodies, Jawa Dam and Khasala Dam. The total area of the society is 13000 Kanal, and a total of four gates for entrance. Three gates are present on Adyala Road, and the fourth gate is present on Chakri Road. So, as we all know that Adyala Road is the heart of the city Rawalpindi, and there are many routes to reach society. The prime routes are:

  • Rawat link road
  • Chakri Interchange
  • Link road Rawalpindi

Master Plan of The Society

Rudn Enclave is not a small and ordinary society as it covers more than 13,000 Kanal land areas. There are two blocks with the names general and executive block in the Rudn Enclave Master Plan. In the executive block of society, you can get the best and most lucrative investment opportunities in the form of commercial blocks. As all the commercial plots in the general block have been booked, it is the best chance for investors to get a plot in the general block.

NOC-Approved Society

The latest update about the Rudn Enclave is that its NOC has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is big and huge news not only for the developers but also for the investors because the legal status of any society shows that it is safe for investment and any development work. It is also imperative to mention that a society needs a lot of approvals from various regulatory authorities to start any development work.

For example, society needs permission or approval from WASA, from the gas and electricity department to start any development work. And the good news for the investors is that Rudn Enclave has received all the approvals from all regulatory authorities.

Rudn Enclave Payment Plan

When it comes to the payment plan of the Rudn Enclave, the society offers the most affordable investment options for the residents. Society is developed for all kinds of investors belonging to any class because the installment plans are too easy. A person with a low income can also pay the installments and buy the desired plot in this great housing society.

Moreover, the cost is very low if we compare the cost of the residential and commercial plots in the society to the amenities and facilities available. Wide roads, Gated communities, Security & surveillance, hospitals, Health care centers, and Dam view farmhouses that you will not get in society. The other facilities that are the best features of Rudn Enclave are:

  • Theme Park
  • Water filtration plant
  • Reserved area for a graveyard
  • 5-star hotels
  • Swimming pools
  • Playgrounds and Amusement parks

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Rudn Enclave is the best residential housing project in the twin city, with all the best features one can look for. In terms of investment, this is the best project after Zaitoon City in Rawalpindi Islamabad. So, if you are searching for the best opportunity, grab this chance and invest for a better future. You can also consult the best real estate realtors, such as Sapphire Properties, to get the best investment consultation.

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