What are the dos and don’ts for the Maharashtra Arogya Bharti exam?

Maharashtra Arogya Bharti exam

Maharashtra Arogya Bharti Exam is scheduled on 24th and 31st October 2021 for the Group C and Group D services respectively. The exam is conducted in two gifts for two hours for 5776 vacancies in the various health departments of the state. The exam is conducted in written form.

Maharashtra Arogya Bharti question paper consists of a total of four sections with 100 questions and a total of 120 marks. The best part of this exam is that there is no negative marking in this system. The exam is conducted in two shifts with each 120 minutes. The type of questions would be MCQs.

Maharashtra Arogya Bharti 2021 Difficulty level

The exam is divided into four sections and we will discuss the difficulty level of all the sections in the given exam.

English LanguageModerate
Marathi LangaugeEasy-Moderate
General KnowledgeEasy-Moderate

After reviewing the previous year’s papers, we have concluded that the Maharashtra Arogya Bharti Exam has many good attempts and it lies between 69-73 questions with good accuracy. The expected cut-off for the Maharashtra Arogya Bharti Exam 2021 is between 150-160 marks.

Maharashtra Arogya Bharti Exam 2021 Section Wise Review

Marathi Language

In this section, there would be 25 questions which comprise from an easy to hard level. The first section of the question paper is on Marathi’s grammar.

English Language

There would be 25 questions, in which the candidates have to attempt at least 18-20 questions with great accuracy. The level of the question would be Medium.

General Knowledge

This section is full of current affairs. Make sure to go through the news diligently. As it comprises unknown questions, candidates find this level moderately difficult.


The questions that are included in this section are from- arithmetic operations, order from right, series, relationships, questions on the figure, statement findings, percentage, direction, profit loss, comparison, etc. Candidates find this section easy and moderate.

Marathi Language1002 hours
English Language1002 hours
General Knowledge1002 hours
Reasoning1002 hours


  • There would be no negative marking in the examination.
  • The exam is objective.
  • The candidates will be selected based on the marks obtained in the written examination.

Here are some of the tips that you need to follow and keep in the mind-


  • Take a quick review of the difficult aspects that you have learned so far.
  • Keep a downloaded copy of your Maharashtra Arogya Bharati Exam 2021 Admission Card, keep a printout ready two to three days before the exam.
  • Take a glance at all your personal information on the admission card.
  • Carry your things in advance and don’t panic in the exam hall.
  • Take your water bottle and sanitizer to the test center.
  • Follow all the rules of the examination center.


  • Do not read any new study material before the exam.
  • Avoid carrying mobile phones, smartwatches, or electronic gadgets in the examination hall.
  • Do not ignore the COVID guidelines in the exam hall.

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Some last-minute strategies –

  • Revise the material– Candidates have studied a lot throughout the year for this exam. They need to revise those notes thoroughly for an entire week before exams. Read and analyze them within a short period.
  • Test Series– It’s time to revise them again and go through your mistake memory lane. Try revising the previous paper question paper from BYJU’s Exam Prep of the Maharashtra Arogya Bharti Exam. solving the exam paper will generate confidence and you will learn time management.
  • No new study material– It is advisable to neglect any new study material right before the exam and the exam week. It will confuse you and you could not remember them. So it’s better to avoid new material and stick to your old notes and study materials. You can also refer to expert notes available at BYJU’s Exam Prep.
  • Analyze your weak spots– Every candidate has their weak spots try to cover them up via mock test and make sure to you give your extra time to it. Make a list of those topics and revise them thoroughly on the last day of your exam.
  • Be positive- Keep calm and believe in yourself. Remember all the hard work that you have given for this examination. Don’t let the negative energy sink into you.
  • Manage time- You have to complete the whole examination within two hours and answer a hundred questions in the OMR sheet. Shade the right answer in the OMR sheet and don’t panic in the first instance.

Good Luck!

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