What Comes with an 80 Percent Build Kit?

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For those of you thinking about circumventing the lead times associated with firearms purchases, you may have weighed the decision to create your own rifle from an 80% lower receiver or a complete 80 percent build kit.

If you do, know that the process, though daunting, can be very rewarding and extremely educational. Once you build your own rifle you’ll probably never need to take a trip to the gunsmith again. You’ll be able to diagnose your own issues and perform your own repairs.

One option to building a rifle at home, instead of buying all of the parts and hardware separately, is to go about the process with the purchase of an 80 percent build kit, which theoretically contains everything you need to assemble a functioning rifle once you complete the 80% lower (more on that below).

Essential Upper and Lower Parts and Hardware

Just what comes with an 80 percent build kit will vary, but you can expect it to contain the following parts and hardware.


  • An 80% lower: You’ll need to use an 80% lower jig kit to complete an 80 lower by milling out the fire control cavity (FCC) as well as the pin holes for the hammer pin, trigger pin, and fire selector lever pin.


  • An assembled upper: Assembled uppers typically contain a handguard, a barrel, a gas system (which includes a matched gas tube and gas block), and a bolt carrier group. Assembled uppers do not always come with ejection port covers, forward assists, charging handles, or muzzle brakes, but if you’re looking at a complete 80 percent build kit, it should have them. Again, call and ask to be certain.


  • A stock and complete buffer tube kit, with the tube, weights, and springs.


  • A lower parts kit: In addition to the 80% lower itself, a lower parts kit should include a fire control group (complete with trigger, hammer, and other hardware), a grip, a trigger guard, a bolt catch, a mag catch, a buffer retainer, and a selector kit. It should also contain a pin kit that includes the pivot and takedown pins, detents, and springs.

For specifics, you should contact the manufacturer or seller so you can be sure you know what comes with it.

What Else You Need

In addition to a complete 80 percent build kit, you’ll also need a piece of equipment known as an 80% lower jig kit, which will contain a lower jig, which is a template used to help mill out the pinholes and fire control cavity of an 80% lower, thus rendering it operational.

You’ll also need a handheld router, drill press, or drill as well as end mills to complete the job, in addition to a vise, cutting fluid, and protection for your hands, ears, and eyes.

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