What do you need to know about transferring data between old and new iPhone?

ransferring data between old and new iPhone

When you upgrade to a new iPhone, the first thing on your to-do list must be to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone and other data. Apple fully understands the need to transfer your data from one iPhone to another, and therefore, it provides different ways to make a move seamless and fuss-free.

If you are running iOS 15, the data transfer process is even more simplified. You get temporary storage space on iCloud for twenty-one days. You can use this feature by going to Settings > General > tap transfer or reset iPhone. Then, you will see the Prepare for New iPhone feature on your phone, and you have to tap Get Started. Once you have read through the information, tap Continue. After that, you have to tap Turn on Backup to Transfer and choose Move All App Data with iCloud. Once you are finished, tap Done.

But what do you do if you are not running iOS 15? You can use any of the following tried and tested methods.

Transfer data using Quick Start

Setting up a new iPhone is easier with Quick Start. This feature ties your old and new phones for seamless data transfer for a short while.

You need to switch on your new iPhone and place the old phone next to it. You’ll notice a prompt to Set Up New iPhone, and you must tap Unlock to Continue. The Apple ID on your old iPhone will be used for the setup process. You have to tap Continue if you want to continue the process.

On your new iPhone’s screen, an animation will appear. You need to hold the animation up to your old iPhone’s camera, and when you see the Finish on New (Device) message, you need to enter the password of your old device. Then, follow the instructions.

As you reach the Transfer Your Data screen, select Transfer Directly from your phone and confirm the data and settings you wish to transfer.

Transfer data using iCloud

Are you not looking to immediately transfer data from your old iPhone to a new one? You can keep a backup of your phone so that your data is safe. Also, data stored in iCloud can be accessed and transferred whenever you want.

Start the process by tapping Settings > tap your name > tap iCloud. Browse through the list of services and choose which applications are allowed to use iCloud. You can toggle it on or off.

Data backups will happen automatically after you tap on the iCloud Backup option and turn the toggle on. You can also tap Back Up Now to immediately back up your data to iCloud.

When you switch on your new iPhone, you need to input your region and language, and on the Quick Start page, you must tap on the Set Up Manually option. Select a Wi-Fi network and choose Next. Then, wait for a few minutes and let your iPhone get activated.

Then, you have to create a passcode for your new phone. Then, tap on Restore from the iCloud Backup option to transfer data from your old phone. You need to sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and get the most recent backup. Then, wait for the transfer to finish.

Transfer data using a PC or Mac

When you need to transfer data from your old iPhone to a new one, you can restore it from an encrypted backup using a PC or Mac. In this process, you can transfer all of your settings and preferences, apps, etc. But before using this method, you need to create a backup of your old iPhone.

On a PC, you need iTunes to create an encrypted backup. You must have the iTunes application on your PC and ensure to select the Encrypt local backup option.

On a Mac, you can back up your old iPhone using Finder. You must also check the Encrypt Backup option to ensure your backups are secure.

When you wish to restore the backups to your new phone, open iTunes or Finder. You must connect your phone to your Mac or PC and click Trust. Then, follow all the prompts that keep appearing on your screen and choose the backup option to restore the data on your new iPhone. You need to enter the password you had created for encrypting the backups.

Once the process is complete, your new iPhone will appear the same as your old iPhone. You will have all the data, including pictures, messages, contacts, and documents. You don’t have to think about your old iPhone anymore.

The final step is to tap on Factory Reset on your old iPhone if you plan to sell it or give it to someone. Open Settings > General > tap Transfer or Reset iPhone > choose Erase All Content and Settings. Once all the data is erased on your old phone, you can give it away.