What Does Islam Say About Zakat On Jewelry? Five Best Islamic Personalized Gifts For Your Loved Ones


Women do not need to pay Zakat for jewllery that they use to beautify themselves. Islam only considers gold and silver in all forms as growing wealth, whether in coins, bullions, or handicrafts. One who possesses them at the nisab set by Prophet (PBUH) value must be equal to 85 grams of pure gold. They must have to pay Zakat on them because the property that increases is the definition of Zakat. 

Muslim scholars consider gold and silver as Zakat wealth, regardless of their form. Other holds like articles of personal adornment like clothing, personal use items, furniture, and possessions categories are recognized as not subject to Zakat. Islam encourages us to spread love and peace in the world. Gift-giving is the act of love, respect, and care. Therefore, we can gift our loved ones especially Islamic personalized gifts, to show our love for them and Islam, such as necklace Islam.  

1. Zakat on Jewelry  

Muslims pays Zakat on jewelry in four cases:

  • When someone store jewllery to accumulate wealth
  • Someone heaps it in quantities that are commonly considered in standard accumulation excess. 
  • When the jewllery itself is recognized as extravagant, such as in quantity, size, and composition, it applies to its marketplace. 

Gold and Silver as Non-Personal Ornaments:

All forms of gold and silver are subjected to Zakat but in Islam jewllery of only women and a plain silver ring for the men. If any Muslim owns gold or silver in other forms like dinnerware and iconic arts, they can give Zakat on such things; scholars approve it. Their values added to that of all One’s other gold or silver, and collectively Zakat paid on it. If Islam does not permit something to use, it also forbids its decorative display. The leading cause of prohibition is ostentation. Any part of work that does not base its Zakat value solely on the silver or gold weight. Then on each piece actual marketplace becomes the subject to Zakat.

Why is only Women’s jewllery exempted in Islam?

Islam exempts only women’s jewllery from Zakat in customary amount and proportion for the following different reasons:

  • God has permitted human extraction of material boon from the earth for use: Gold, silver, stones, and gems, whether from land or sea: He alone let forth the two waters, [salty and sweet]. …Out of them both come pearls and coral. Then which of your Lord’s blessings will either of you deny? (Surat Al-Rahman, 55:19-23).
  • He has sanctioned women to adorn themselves with these extractions as accessories for personal, permissible “use,” so long as this is their primary utility, not as accumulated, growing assets: And He alone is the One who has subjugated the sea for you, such that from it …you bring forth ornaments that you wear (Surat Al-Nahl, 16:14).
  • Zakat for the intrinsic values does not target possessions for alms. This waymarks worldly asset for personal wealth for purification and redistribution by assigning a fraction to the poor and deserving. 

Zakat is applied on growth asset. It is not impose on personal use items. The Quran’s statements prove that Muslims prohibits from storing gold and silver. 

 “Yet as for those who hoard up gold and silver and do not ‘spend’ it in the path of God…” (Surat Al-Tawbah, 9:34).

2. Gift-giving and Islam

Islam emphasis on gift-giving. But you have to follow some tips when buying something for your loved ones; like your gift must be productive for them, a gift should reflect your love for them and Allah such as Islam necklace for her. It is not necessary to buy only expensive gifts. Present the gift with respect, not to get back something from them. 

Islamic Personalized gifts:

Following are some ideas of personalized gifts, especially Islamic jewelry, such as:

  1. Personalized name gold Islamic necklaces, you can also gift her Allah’s name golden pendant.
  2. Personalized name golden or silver rings and bracelets
  3. Custom Colour and name Quran with Quran wooden set
  4. Customized Prayer mat
  5. Customized Hijab for Muslim Women

Zakat is must be apply on women’s gold and silver jewllery. This is not all the types of jewllery that she used for ornamentation. Zakat is eligible for household items. Islam is a religion of peace, and as Muslims, it is our responsibility to preach our religion. We can do it by the act of gift-giving. Gifts exchange activity makes the relationship strong and more loveable. islamic personalised gifts are important; they show how much effort you put into making your relationship strong. As Muslims, for a better Next life, we should follow all the Islamic rules.

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