What Elements Should Be Found in a Vape Starter Kit?


If you’re a smoker thinking about switching to vape eliquid, the first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a vape starter kit. Because a vape kit is meant to include nearly everything a new vaper needs to get started, it is arguably the most important purchase you will make. Each and every component of this set is essential, making the whole an excellent deal.

So, what do you get in a vape starter kit, and why are those components necessary for getting started with vaping? Those are the kinds of things you’ll pick up from reading this piece.

But before we get into that, here’s some guidance that might be useful if you’re having trouble deciding. The year is 2022; what are the top starter kits for vaping this year?

Which Vape Starter Kits Should You Buy in 2023?

There are so many vape kits on the market right now that it can be confusing to choose one. Especially if you’re just starting out with vaping and have no idea what you like or don’t like. We’re here to clear things up if you’re feeling lost. Check out Innokin’s newest and finest starter kits for vaping here!

INNOBAR C1 by Innokin

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The Innokin INNOBAR C1 is the company’s first non-disposable vaporizer to utilise the new water-based vaping technology developed in collaboration with Aquios Labs, and it is also the first vaporizer to use pre-filled e-liquid pods. A prestigious Golden Leaf Award in recognition of our groundbreaking work in water-based vaping was bestowed upon us in 2023.

The INNOBAR C1 requires no instruction beyond charging, inserting a pod, and inhaling the vapour. Vapers who use this apparatus will get to sample some of the most innovative and delicious e-liquids ever created, including Rose Lychee, Lemon Tart, and Iced Cosmic, to name a few. In addition, water-based e-liquid provides unrivalled smoothness and quicker nicotine satisfaction.

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While vaping devices that use pre-filled pods are more user-friendly and convenient, refillable devices have their own set of advantages, including the freedom to choose from any e-liquid flavour on the market rather than being limited to the few flavours designed specifically for your device. The Innokin Sceptre 2 is the ideal vape kit for anyone interested in trying out bottled e-liquid and seeking the optimal balance between ease of use and personalization.

If you’ve used a vape kit with refillable pods before, like the INNOBAR C1, you’ll feel right at home with the Sceptre 2. The only real distinction is that you have to hand-fill your pod. If you’re new to vaping, don’t worry; replacing the vapes coils master on the Sceptre 2 is now easier than ever with our innovative new system.

It’s an Innokin Coolfire Z60.

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If you’ve been vaping for a while and are looking to upgrade to something with more power, a vape mod may be the way to go. Our newest vape mod, the Innokin Coolfire Z60, strikes a balance between robust features and user-friendliness, making it ideal for you if you want to up your vaping game without getting bogged down in unnecessary complexity.

The Coolfire Z60 is compatible with all Innokin Z coils and has a maximum output of 60 watts, thanks to its built-in 2,500 mAh battery. The Coolfire Z60’s integrated Refresh feature produces unparalleled flavour quality, surpassing that of any other vape mod you’ve used. The Refresh feature will automatically send a brief low-power pulse to the atomizer coil between puffs to draw in e-liquid and fully saturate the wick.

What Elements Should Be Found in a Vape Starter Kit?

Now that we’ve gotten those suggestions out of the way, let’s talk about what brought you here in the first place. What standard components do all vape starter kits include?

Mechanical Nicotine Delivery System

As the name implies, the vaping device is the main component of any vape kit. Your mod is the thing that not only provides power to your tank or pod, but also has the controls for doing things like adjusting the voltage or wattage and turning the device on and off. Which Is Better, a Tank or a Pod?       

The vaping device itself is the centrepiece of the kit, but it is useless without the tank or pod to which it connects in order to generate vapour. Almost any vape tank can be attached to a vape mod with top-threaded connections, but vape kits always include a tank that is compatible with the mod. We only sell vape mods and tanks that we believe complement each other.

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