What Happens To Phones that are traded in?


You can either toss it away or sell your smartphone when it reaches the end of its useful life. Some people may be unsure whether or not it is safe to trade in their phones. We’ll walk you through the steps that follow a trade-in. Let’s get one thing straight: your smartphone is a threat to our ecosystem. Cadmium, lead, mercury, and nickel are examples of chemicals. If you throw it away when it’s no longer useful, the chemicals will leach into the earth, poison water, damage plants, and wildlife, and last up to 100 years! If you trade it in, you’re not only keeping harmful toxins out of the environment, but you’re also assisting someone in getting a new phone at a reasonable price. Although the many choices for trading in your smartphone are simple and practically painless, it does take some time. If you’re pressed for time and simply want to throw it out, please do it responsibly.

Where to Trade In Your Old Phone?

It’s actually simple to locate a location that will accept it. Most consumers either sell phones to an online bidder on platforms like eBay, post it on classifieds, return it to their carrier, or trade it in at an Apple store for store credit. The best part is that you can perform most of these things from the comfort of your own home. You can exchange your old phone for a new one by going online. That is both safe and practical in today’s world. Let’s look at it more closely. You might be wondering what happens to your phone now that you’ve sold it to a buyer. The truth is that the phone will go through the same process whether you sell it to an internet customer, swap with your provider, or sell it to a retailer. First, they’ll inspect it. Then they’ll wipe it. After that, they’ll refurbish any parts that need replacing. Finally, they’ll sell the phone!

Data wipe

Did you know that not everyone wiping their old phone before trading it in does so? It’s insane! However, many people simply hand up their smartphone, which contains their personal information, profile, and even credit cards. This creates a slew of issues for the buyers of the phones, starting with liability. The first thing to do is to wipe it. If your phone is still secured to iCloud, some companies will just mail it back to you. Or they will send you an email asking you to delete the device from your iCloud account remotely so that they can finish the examination. One of the most advanced processes is data erasing. The advanced iPhone repair technicians utilize software that wipes your data before overwriting it with random packets and wiping it again. This procedure is carried out multiple times. After that, the program indicates that the device is safe to resell. The phone has been thoroughly cleaned and is now ready for the next step.

Testing & Grading

Your phone was taken by a company that refurbishes or recycles electronic gadgets. An inspection team evaluates your phone to assess its worth. They’ll assign a grade to the phone if it meets all of these (and a few other) requirements. Your pay will eventually be determined by your grade. It varies from “Great” to “Poor,” with “Great” indicating that the phone is in like-new condition and “Poor” indicating that the phone is unusable.

Global Distribution Stream

The finest part is still to come. The phone will be refurbished to like-new condition by the buyer. They might use spare parts from other phones or parts from third parties. These can include new screens, buttons, and batteries, among other things. If a phone’s chassis is substantially damaged, it can be replaced, but most high-end models include glass bodies, which are difficult to replace. The smartphone will then be added to a global distribution network that collects and resells millions of reconditioned devices from all around the world. It’s now ready to be sold.

What after a Successful trade-in?       

Finally, after the phone has been refurbished, it is ready to be resold. 70 percent of all refurbished iPhones wind up in India, China, or Russia, according to Apple. Meanwhile, most refurbished Samsung phones are shipped to the United States or South America. The amazing thing about refurbished phones is that they are less expensive than new models while still performing amazingly!

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