What is Paint Sheen? A Quick Guide


Paint finishes are classified according to their luster, ranging from no-shine flat to very bright high-gloss. The intensity of light so each finish reflects back into the room is affected by its shininess, so if you’re trying to brighten a dark space, a somewhat greater finish will be doing better than a flat finish.

What are the various sheens of paint?

  • Gloss
  • Semi gloss
  • Satin
  • Eggshell
  • Flat/Matte

Most paint manufacturers provide a variety of sheens. The maximum light-reflective properties are seen in gloss sheens. Semi gloss sheens come next, accompanied by satin and eggshell sheens, which have a low shine. Finally, there are flat and matte finishes.

How do I know which sheen of paint to use?

When choosing paint sheens, there is a rule of thumb to follow. The shine is proportional to the sheen. It will last longer if it has a greater sheen. Trim, cabinets and doors with high gloss sheens are appropriate choices for locations where sticky hands will touch. High gloss, on the other hand, is too much gleam for most interior walls.

The most prevalent color finish for internal walls is satin. They are easier to wash than eggshell and flat paints, making them ideal for high-traffic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and playrooms.

Despite the fact that satin and eggshell are less durable, they are nonetheless wonderful selections for your living room. For example, antique white USA is a great choice for your walls. Drips and spills can be wiped up with a rag.

Matte or flat sheens should be considered for walls or places with a lot of bumps, scratches, or holes since they may effectively disguise these flaws and faults. 

Coating a brick fireplace with the best sheen

You should start by coating a brick fireplace with indoor acrylic-latex blend paint. High-temperature resistance is required of the paint. When it comes to shine, eggshell has a lesser sheen and emits a warm light. It’s simple to use and does a fantastic job of hiding flaws. Purchase a roller that is made for rough surfaces as well. This will help to conceal the brick’s presumably rough and porous surface.

What is the finest sheen for painting bathrooms?

The ideal sheen for toilets is satin. It’s more resilient and glossier than eggshell, so it’ll be simpler to keep clean. Since many satin finishes are more durable than they once were, use this on ceilings, walls, and even trim. Bathrooms are infamous for high levels of moisture and the risk for mold and mildew, therefore it glossy surfaces are the best choice. Choosing a smooth finish for your bathroom surfaces is a common error.

What gloss of paint is ideal for kitchen cabinets?

For kitchen cupboards or any furniture in your kitchen, most people prefer satin or semi-gloss paint. This will offer your cabinets a subtle sheen rather than a flat appearance. It is also washing resistant, making it an excellent choice. For high-touch locations like cabinets, ease of upkeep is critical.

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