What is Telematics System: Everything You Need to Know

What is Telematics System Everything You Need to Know

Telematics system is the new buzzword in the fleet industry, and for good reason. After all, most modern gps tracking solution cannot exist without a robust telematics system and technology. But, as a fleet manager, do you wonder what is vehicle telematics and what it can do for your fleet?

Read this blog to know everything about the use of telematics in the automobile management and tracking industry. 

What is Telematics?

The practice of transferring information remotely and over great distances is known as telematics. The terms “telecommunications” and “informatics” both relate to the practice of processing information. Therefore, telecommunications and informatics are two science fields that are combined in telematics. 

The term “telematics” didn’t even exist ten years ago. It has developed into a crucial component of efficient fleet operations as a result of the development of the internet and communication through networks.

Telematics, which enables smooth, remote data transfer and increases operational visibility, has assisted numerous industries in improving communications, effectiveness, and customer service.

What is Telematics For Fleet Management Systems? 

In order to collect data, the trucking sector uses fleet telematics, which combines GPS technology, sensors, and onboard diagnostics codes. Real-time engine diagnostics, driver behaviour, vehicle activity, and vehicle location are among the types of information that are typically collected.

Through the use of telematics technology and a specific piece of software or platform, fleet owners and managers can remotely manage assets.

Typically, a fleet telematics system has two parts:

  • The fleet management GPS tracker that is typically mounted in the on-board diagnostic port of the vehicle.
  • The fleet management software system that gathers and communicates a variety of data.

Through fleet management telematics systems, the following data is generally transmitted through multiple modes:

  • Vehicle maintenance data
  • Geospatial information 
  • Fuel consumption 
  • Braking and acceleration data 
  • Idling data 
  • Speeding data 

In-depth insights on the fleet are provided by data from GPS and telematics devices. These data can then be used by fleet managers to detect high-risk drivers, raise fleet safety standards, cut down on fuel waste, and minimise operational costs.

How Does GPS Tracking Work With Telematics Systems? 

Typically, a SIM card is used to link the telematics device to the car’s onboard diagnostics connection. The end user, such as a fleet manager, is then able to evaluate the data and make more informed decisions regarding fleet efficiency thanks to the server’s display of data via a computer or mobile application.

Why Use Telematics in Automobile Tracking Industries? 

A telematics system is useful for fleets of various shapes and sizes. Fleet managers and administrators can overcome certain business issues and make data-driven decisions thanks to telematics data.

It offers helpful details about the whereabouts of each car or asset, which can:

  • Fleets gain operational visibility 
  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Prevent vehicle theft 
  • Give customers better delivery estimates
  • Boost client satisfaction (and potentially save thousands of dollars)

Benefits of Telematics Fleet Management System

With the help of fleet management telematics systems, fleets can potentially go from zero to 90 with minimal extra effort. Here are some benefits you can expect to experience in your fleet. 

  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced resource wastage 
  • Deduction in operational costs 
  • Improved vehicle and asset safety 
  • Better driver protection 
  • Proactive maintenance of vehicles 
  • Boost meaningful communication 
  • Lower unauthorised vehicle use 

Trust Only The Best Telematics System

The trucking and transportation industries cannot function without telematics. The fact that the system may save money elsewhere is acknowledged by many fleets.

For fleets wanting to gain a competitive edge, fleet tracking software and telematics devices will continue to be crucial. After all, telematics information can assist fleet managers in becoming more proactive and effective.

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