What Makes Concrete Look Tile Better Than Concrete Cement Flooring?

Concrete look tiles offer the unparalleled likeness of raw concrete with fewer drawbacks. These tiles are an excellent choice for a variety of home and commercial settings, as their natural look seems to flow well with a wide range of interior design styles. 

The industrial look of these tiles certainly makes them more in demand for contemporary architecture. They are also rather inexpensive and easier to install compared to other varieties of tile as well, which adds to their value.

Below we will list some of the reasons why tiles made to look like concrete might be better than the real thing, depending on what you’re looking for.

Drawbacks of Concrete Cement in Flooring

Before the innovation of tile making, actual concrete flooring was the thing. They were very popular among Brutalist and industrial architectural designs. Such designs involved the use of raw rough materials like concrete or cement. However, there were a lot of drawbacks from maintaining concrete flooring and one of those is its need to be sealed every six months to retain its water resistant characteristic. Ensuring that concrete maintains its smooth finish through constant waxing is another aspect of upkeep that tends to be time-consuming and expensive. 

Concrete flooring is prone to watermarks and isn’t as durable as other kinds of tile, which translates into additional costs for homeowners and business owners. Concrete is not a great material for keeping heating costs down either, as it is a poor insulator.

Advantages of Concrete-Like Tiles

The technological innovation in tile making has made it possible for anyone to achieve that raw concrete look throughout the home but with none of the negatives associated with this material. Concrete look tile is manufactured using high-quality ceramic and porcelain, which means that it not only is easier to maintain, it is also more cost-effective than actually using concrete.

Concrete look tile is very durable compared to natural stone. Unlike concrete cement flooring, which can be difficult to maintain—concrete-like tiles are easily taken care of and can also be replaced without much hassle if need be. Waxing and sealing maintenance is also not needed for this type of flooring. All it needs is an occasional grout cleaning and casual wipedowns when needed. Also, the surface of these tiles is water-resistant and doesn't retain moisture.

Aesthetically, concrete look tiles are pleasing to the eyes which ultimately elevates the whole interior of your house to a more elegant vibe. They also evoke a mysterious feel, making your house look more interesting to people who haven’t thought about installing tiles with this kind of look.

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