What size trailer hub do I need?

What size trailer hub do I need

Trailer wheels are turned by the forward motion of the vehicle that is pulling them. If these bearings in the wheel hubs cease to operate effectively, the trailer wheels will not turn properly and may entirely freeze up.

If your trailer wheels aren’t turning properly, it’s an indication that one or both of the trailer hubs need to be replaced. You’ll need to figure out the size of the trailer wheel hub to do this.

Your trailer’s axle must be compatible with the spindle on your trailer’s hub.

The inner and outer bearings should bear identifying part numbers. To discover these digits, remove the trailer’s wheel hub first.

Remove the Trailer’s Wheel Hub From the Truck

To begin, raise the trailer off the ground with a jack. Under all four corners of the trailer, add stands. Remove the wheel by loosening its wheel nuts. In the centre of the trailer wheel hub dust cap, use a screwdriver to remove it. Take out the wheel hub bolt and pull out the wheel hub assembly from the spindle

Determining the Proper Wheel Hub

Normally, the figures on the back of a wheel bearing will match the corresponding spindle size. These numbers should be on both inner and outer bearings. If the digits are difficult to see, try measuring the trailer wheel hub instead.

The trailer wheel hub will have a specific number of lugs, or bolts, circling the circumference, similarly to automobile wheel hub assemblies. Typically, there are four, five, or six of these lugs. The pitch circle diameter (PCD) is defined as the diameter of an imagined circle drawn between the lug positions.

The PCD of the new wheel hub must correspond to the PCD on your old hub. This is how you can tell whether you’re getting the correct size replacement hub.

  • For a four- or six-bolt pattern, measure from the centre of one lug to the outside of the other.
  • For a five-bolt pattern, start at the centre of one lug and work your way out to the exterior of the following but one lug.

To calculate the correct size for your hub, multiply the diameter figure by the number of lugs.

Measure the Seal Size

You must also verify that the new trailer wheel hub’s seal is the correct size. This is critical since the seal helps to keep oil inside the hub. There should be a number shown on the seal, as previously stated. If no such number is present, calculate both diameter measurements of the seal.

A standard double lip seal is used on all recreational vehicles. Some oil-lubricated bearings, on the other hand, require a triple lip seal. All three seal diameters must be measured at this point.

Order Your New Trailer Wheel Hub

You can now select the appropriate size of hub for your trailer using these measurements. CV Hubs offer a wide selection of trailer wheel hubs. Please contact them with any questions or assistance regarding replacing your wheel hubs.

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