What to do with Expired Helmets?

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Motorcycle helmets are lifesavers, so buying expensive ones is not a bad idea. So, when your helmet gets old or worn off, what to do? If you throw it away, it will lead to a landfill. If your local municipality does not handle helmet recycling, throwing it away is not economically feasible. So, the question is what to do with expired helmets?

The lifespan of a Helmet

You must be aware that your helmets have a limited lifespan, so it is sensible not to spend extravagantly. As per industry standards, helmets have an average lifespan of five years. Unless you have damaged it in an accident, you can use it for several years. So, if you regularly use helmets, you must take good care of it.

Though every manufacturer claims different lifespans, there are several factors to consider. There are various qualities of helmets. However, the most significant factor determining the helmet lifecycle is its use. You can also read about what to look for in a Motorcycle Helmet.

What to Do with Expired Helmets?

If you wish to repurpose your old helmet, you must read this post.


If you plan to purchase a new helmet, you must check with your local or online retailer to find if the manufacturer offers a trade-in deal. However, manufacturers sometimes offer rebates if you return your expired helmet to them. So, you can save on your new helmet purchase and enjoy.

On the contrary, if your helmet is in poor condition or damaged, it is best to cut off the straps, mend it using a hammer, and trash it. Never throw away a helmet without removing its straps.


If you caught a nice helmet on sale and are bored with your existing one, you might plan to replace it. Then you see that your used helmet is also in good condition, what to do? It is ideal for fueling up your social welfare instinct and donating it. Similarly, when your child grows and their old bicycle helmet no longer fits, you should consider donating it.

You may donate it to someone who cannot afford it, orphanages, first aid groups for training purposes, or in a school.

More Ideas

If you have a creative mind, you might consider the following suggestions:

  • You can strip off the EPS foam, chop it, and include it in the potting mix or clay soils for aeration if you love gardening.
  • If you are fond of shooting or arching, you can consider painting a target spot on the backside of your helmet and using it for training.
  • And if you have sufficient open space and a handful of drinking pals that you might invite for dinner, you can create your own “Mini-Olympics helmet pitch.”

Helmet Art

If you are even more creative and love painting, you must try helmet art. You may display your art piece in events like upcycle helmet art shows. Search over the internet to find some beautiful helmet painting ideas, and impress everyone. If you have done an extraordinary job, you can even sell the painted helmet online at etsy.com or display it at your local weekend craft market for sale. More suggestions await you on the internet.

Old Helmet Exhibition

If you are fond of purchasing new helmets and love them all, you might be looking for the most creative way to manage them. So, the best idea is to allocate some shelves in your home in the living room or gallery and create a used helmet display to inspire your visitors. With time, you can keep adding to your collection.

Create into a Basket

Another great idea to reuse a timeworn helmet is to transform it into a wall-mounted or hanging basket and display it in your orchid or garden. You can implement the idea with minimal effort. All you need is to remove the helmet padding and include the potting mix. You can replace the helmet straps with a wire or chain to reduce the risk of falling off.

Snack Vending machine

It might not sound familiar, but some creative minds have done this. Some people working in an office use it as their personal vending machine. They display it on their office desk and place all their favourite snacks (nuts, crisps, popcorn, chocolates, etc.) beneath it. They lift the visor whenever they wish to take anything.

Make it Into a Lamp.

Have you ever seen a football helmet being transformed into a desk lamp? The great news is that you can even use a motorcycle helmet for creating indoor and outdoor lamps, hanging or desk lamps. Though it is ideal to use a nice-looking helmet, any timeworn helmet can be polished and air-brushed to renew its looks. If this activity inspires you, you may even purchase a lamp designing kit available on Amazon at a very affordable price.

Nesting Case

Do you have a chicken coop at your home? If yes, then an old helmet will be of great use. You can use it as a nesting case. So, if you plan to transform your helmet into a nesting case, you don’t need to revamp it. As long as the birds can easily move in and out and feel protected, your helmet is a great asset.

Bird Feeder

Another idea is to create a bird feeder as you show concern about your winged friends. And if you have squirrels around, you can even allocate it as a squirrel feeder. So, a half shell helmet will perhaps be more suitable as wild birds may prefer to stand on the edge, smack seeds and climb inside to grab them.

Wall Plaque

And if you have a helmet that you love by heart, but cannot use anymore, and cannot even think of throwing it away, then you should make it your pride. The best way to do this is to place it on your home or office wall.

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