Where to Find OEM Die Casting Parts That Fit Your Needs

Is there a specific OEM die casting part that you require for your machine? Perhaps you have outgrown the usual off-the-shelf alternatives and need something more specialized for your company.

Or perhaps you’re just getting started and need a few key components to get your machine up and running. No matter your current situation, there are various places where you can find the right oem die casting parts to meet your needs. You just have to know where to look. 

Many companies have made it their area of expertise to supply original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for a number of industrial machines, including those utilized for die casting. There are a number of advantages to be gained from acquiring these kinds of components as opposed to purchasing a full machine from a specific individual vendor or a general vendor.

Although it might seem more expensive at first, purchasing the components that you need instead of a complete unit saves money in the long run because it reduces operating costs in addition to maintenance fees.

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

Many new buyers may visit the manufacturer’s website initially. Ad language, pictures, and overall style must accurately depict the manufacturer’s company and brand. In order for a manufacturer to continue the conversation and maybe turn a website visitor into a client, it is essential for the manufacturer to earn the trust of the potential customers who may buy their oem die casting parts products. Check to see if the oem die casting parts manufacturer’s website includes information about the company, its history, and whether or not it posts its certifications or achievements. Ensure that customers may browse the company’s online catalog.

Check Online Catalogs

Manufacturers have seen a dramatic shift in the sector when 3D CAD models were first made available to customers through online product catalogs. Businesses of all sizes and in all fields are increasingly turning to digital-friendly business models, and they are doing so with the assistance of technology. As a result of the widespread use of smartphones, customers now have higher expectations for what that should look like. Check with the oem die casting parts manufacturer to see if they have an online catalog and whether or not every product can be viewed in three dimensions along with full information.

Die Casting Manufacturers in Taiwan

The following list of Taiwanese manufacturers offers oem die casting parts production. Before deciding on the best manufacturer, make sure to evaluate all of the available options. Popular in Taiwan, these manufacturers have earned a solid name for themselves in the industry.

TEAMSWORLD Customized Die Casting and Plastics Injection Molding Solutions Taiwan

Teamsworld is a B-Corp committed to sustainable consumption. Using resources and products in an environmentally friendly, long-term manner is one of the company’s primary goals in order to meet our demands now and into the future. Using comprehensive consulting solutions for custom metal and plastic parts in the manufacturing industry, the company connects foreign customers with Taiwanese suppliers in Taiwan. Through this, they can construct flexible and resilient supply networks in manufacturing. They also offer other services. Surface, thermal, and mechanical treatments are available for aluminum die castings. They design, make, finish, and assemble zinc die-castings. Plastic injection parts are available with surface treatments, oem die casting parts , sonic welding, and CNC machining. With a vast choice of surface treatments, they are able to provide a one-stop-shop for your needs.

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd

Starting in 1947, Lai Jinchi started making wood lathes before moving on to aluminum castings at Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Company, Ltd. The company initially produced gravity sand casting  and aluminum die- casting parts, as well as bailers, electric fans, motors, and other industrial items. The company’s facilities have  11 automatic die-casting machines ranging from 125 to 800 tons. Auto components, agricultural machinery parts, electrical parts, motor housings, DIY woodworking machines, oem die casting parts  and other sectors are accessible.

Ted-Yue Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd

Ted-Yue Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd. was formed in 1983. TEDYUE has been ISO 9001/2000 certified since 2007. Die casting and molds have long been part of their manufacturing expertise. Mold design and production, precision die casting, surface treatments, including CNC processing, drilling and tapping, vibratory grinding, and multi-color electroplating and coating, and assembly are all available to assure high-quality products and quick delivery processes. They make simple to complicated aluminum and zinc die castings, including LED/lighting, electrical, automobile, and industrial hardware components. Design and oem die casting parts services are offered.

 Peng Ming Enterprise Company

Taiwan Die Casting Company, Peng Ming Enterprise, has been in business for 30 years. Taiwan Die Casting is a manufacturer that has been approved by ISO 9001. For the time being, all of the company’s operations are housed in a 10,000-square-foot industrial park in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Peng Ming Enterprise Company has a wide range of machines to perform virtually any job, including metal die casting machines, pressure die casting machines, milling machines, polishing machines, CNC routers, sandblasters, and lathes. Aside from zinc and aluminum, they’ve also worked with a variety of other metals and alloys. To assure timely delivery of high-quality components, Taiwan Die Casting has a robust quality control system.

 HF-TI Precision Molding Manufacture Co., Ltd

The company was founded in 1996. Plastic injection molding and die casting with thin walls are two of their specialties, as is precision die casting in zinc and aluminum alloys. Die-casting parts made of zinc and aluminum alloys are among the company’s specialties, as is plastic injection molding, and all of these processes are supported by the company’s in-house mold technology team. All customers will receive excellent service and products. Their quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2000, and they are dedicated to quality improvement and control on an ongoing basis to maintain that status. Besides offering affordable prices, they also offer high-quality products and expedited shipping options.


If you take things step by step, finding the right manufacturer won’t be quite as difficult as you might think. You have to begin with the first step, then move on to the second step, and so on, before you can jump to the conclusion that this particular manufacturer is the best fit for you.

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