Which is better? A Comprehensive Comparison of Box Demo vs Freshdesk Demo 

Businesses have to deal with an ever-growing number of customer service channels. It can be tough to decide which platform to choose for your support needs. In this article, we will compare Freshdesk demo vs Box demo. We will look at the features of each platform, their pricing models, and how easy they are to use. We will also look at user reviews to see what people think of them. Finally, we will give our recommendation on which one is better for your business. 

Freshdesk Software

Freshdesk is a cloud-based service that guarantees happy and involved customers. Modifications may be made to agent responsibilities, ticket forms, portals, and more, streamlining the ticketing process. Users may control who has access to what information and how often. 

It provides modules for tracking deployments in real time, as well as omnichannel customer interaction, fast query response, automated appointment management, and a map view. Field workers can easily schedule and monitor upgrades, customer communications, and more on Android and iOS devices. In addition to these features, it also allows for widget personalization, scheduled and individualized reporting, intelligent ticket assignment, and more. 

Box Software

Box is an enterprise content collaboration application that stores and shares files in the cloud. Files, documents, presentations, and videos can all be managed online from any location, and it’s compatible with a wide range of applications like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Adobe. You can also use this to delegate tasks to others and make changes to digital assets. Workflows may be developed in minutes, allowing workers to streamline repetitive administrative tasks without requiring IT support. By using a single control panel, you can monitor all of your accounts and shared files in one place. It protects information by watermarking and classifying it, in addition to allowing for fine-grained permissions. Certifications include those from HIPAA, FINRA, and FedRAMP. 


Key Features 

Project Management Tools 

Freshdesk project management module that can be used to schedule, assign tasks, and track progress. Box project management also offers modules with timelines, stakeholders, milestones, and more. 


Both Freshdesk and Box have hundreds of integrations with other popular software like Slack and Salesforce. 

Client Access 

Both Freshdesk and Box provide customers with the necessary tools to access information. Freshdesk gives its customers access to all their data, allowing them to manage their tickets easily. On the other hand, Box allows its users to collaborate on any type of file from anywhere in the world. 


Freshdesk enables users to schedule tasks, such as when to send an email or perform a certain action. Box also allows users to set up reminders and notifications for their team members and customers. 

File Storage 

Freshdesk does not have a built-in file storage system, but users can add their own external systems. On the other hand, Box offers unlimited file storage and allows its customers to create folders and organize files as per their preferences. 

Automated Check-In 

Freshdesk offers an automated check-in system, which makes it easy for users to keep track of their customer interactions. Box also provides a similar feature, allowing its customers to create automated check-ins that can be used to monitor their customer support activities. 

Team collaboration 

Freshdesk offers a team collaboration feature that can be used to share ideas and collaborate on project management software. Box also has an easy-to-use team collaboration tool, allowing its customers to work together on documents and other tasks in real-time. 


Freshdesk is available on Android and iOS, making it convenient for customers to access their tickets while are on the move. Box also offers mobile applications, but with additional features such as a file previewer and offline access capabilities. 


Freshdesk provides its customers with extensive training resources, such as video tutorials and online documentation. Box also offers personalized onboarding sessions, free webinars, and online help to get up and running quickly. 

User Reviews 

Freshdesk reviews are generally positive, citing its ease of use and customization options. Majority of Box software reviews are good ratings from its customers for its secure file storage capabilities and integration with other popular software solutions. 

Client Access 

Both Freshdesk and Box provide customers with the necessary tools to access information. Freshdesk gives its customers access to all their data, allowing them to manage their tickets easily. On the other hand, Box allows its users to collaborate on any type of file from anywhere in the world. 

Time tracking 

Freshdesk time tracking allows users to keep track of how long they’ve spent on tasks. Box does not have an integrated time tracking system, but customers can install third-party plugins to add this functionality. 

Project budgeting 

Freshdesk offers its users the ability to budget their projects and track payments. Box also has a project budget feature that allows users to keep track of their spending and set limits. 

Billing and quotes 

Freshdesk provides users with invoicing and quote management capabilities. Box also has a billing and quotes feature that allows its customers to generate, manage, and track their sales orders. 


Freshdesk provides customers with detailed reports that give insights into their customer service operations. Box also has a range of reporting features that allow users to gain visibility into their projects and team performance. 


Freshdesk offers a 21-day trial period for its users to test out the platform. Box also has a free version for up to five users, and it provides its customers with a 14-day trial period. 


Freshdesk offers a number of pricing plans, Freshdesk cost from $15 per month for the basic plan to $99 per month for its enterprise-level plan. Box also offers several plans; Box cost starts at $5 per user per month for its basic plan and going up to $35 per user per month for its enterprise-level plan. 

Our Thoughts 

Comparing Freshdesk and Box, Freshdesk offers more comprehensive project management tools and client access options. Additionally, its 21-day trial period allows customers to test out the platform for free. On the other hand, Box provides a secure file storage system with additional features such as automated check-in and offline access capabilities. Both platforms have received positive reviews from users, making them viable options for businesses. However, Freshdesk’s comprehensive feature set and longer trial period make it the better overall option when compared to Box. 

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