Which is the best material for the filling of the jacket?

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Down and fiber insulation is used in many of the same types of products, and can be much the same. However, there are some important differences that are worth paying attention to when choosing either one or the other. We guide you when to choose down or fiber for jackets and sleeping bags.

Down and fiber materials are used as insulating material in a number of different types of equipment – winter jackets for women online India, trousers, sleeping bags and gloves (and partly shoes). Down has traditionally been the preferred material due to the low weight, high insulating ability and compressibility of the down. But in recent decades, synthetic alternatives to down have become widespread. In the following, we review the advantages and disadvantages of down and fiber insulation, as well as their optimal areas of application, so that you can become wiser about when to choose down or fiber.


If you look at weight, heat and compressibility, down is an unsurpassed material: it weighs almost nothing in relation to how much it heats, can be compressed incredibly much. And if you take care of the down, they last almost forever. This makes down the obvious choice in situations where you have to use really a lot of heat, and at the same time save on weight.


Fiber insulation was developed as a synthetic alternative to down. Fiber insulation typically consists of some hollow polyester threads that are spun or wound in a loose, to provide high density and good insulation. But many manufacturers make their own fiber materials – either as a cheaper alternative or simply because they think they can do better.

If you cycle a lot so that the extra piece of jacket can be in the way, or just do not think that the long models are just the thing for you, then fortunately there is also a wealth of short jackets to choose from. The advantage here is that many of the short models are easy to dress up or down, depending on whether you are running a casual look, or going to a festive event. 

Usable for many years

As you can see, there is a very wide selection of outerwear for the winter period, so whatever your style, there is definitely a perfect solution for you out there as well. If you still feel a little unsure where to start, then maybe you can get some ideas under winter jackets for men or winter jackets for women.

If you lack a little inspiration for styling, remember that almost no matter what you decide to buy, most winter jackets and snowsuits can be complemented really well with some cool accessories: as a man you can choose a cool and unique scarf that emphasizes your style, and possibly supplement with a hat. If you are a woman, you can build on this with a pair of large earrings or some mittens. If you want to more about the latest women jackets for women then click here.

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