Which Process Needs to Follow While Production of Eco Packaging

Ever thought about the processes which eco-Friendly boxes go through? From pine tree to highly functional boxes, here is the story of every cardboard box.With the threats posed by global warming, more and more product manufacturers in the market are now searching for effective packaging solutions that are sustainable in nature and helps them to ensure the protection of their products in addition to care for the ecosystem. Eco-Friendly boxes can be the right choice for such manufacturers as they are manufactured of cardboard stock that is sturdy in nature and can be used for a long period of time due to the high functionality of the design. These boxes are also highly versatile and can be made in any required size and shape combined with a number of printing and lamination options. Due to the ink absorbing nature of the cardboard, these boxes can also be printed in vivid graphics by using digital and offset printing in both PMS and CMYK formats.

The option of gold and silver foiling can also help in embossing the logo on the packaging along with other options to elevate the feel of boxes.With the elevated risks associated with global warming, more and more product manufacturers are now shifting towards the use of eco-Friendly boxes for their products. These boxes are highly functional and sustainable as they are manufactured of cardboard materials and can be used for a long period of time, in addition to their sustainable nature.

Importance Of Design

Product packaging is more like the face of a company in front of the consumers, and to provide consumers with the best ever experience; you should make use of creatively designed boxes that are effective in providing the consumers with convenience. Traditionally used packaging designs were highly alluring in nature in order to unleash the full potentials of design, but the manufacturers usually used plastic material for ensuring the functionality. Plastic is highly protective of the product, but unfortunately, it harms the environment due to its non-renewable nature. On the other hand, eco-friendly boxes are manufactured with cardboard materials that are highly sustainable in nature and doesn’t harm the environment. Due to the sustainable nature of eco boxes, more and more brands are now making use of the design in order to ship and store their products. Moreover, custom eco-friendly boxes are also loved by consumers; thus, they also provide a promotional edge to them.

Process Of Manufacturing

Custom printed eco-friendly boxes are now widely being used in the market and provide the manufacturer with the effective benefit of elevating the presentation of products in addition to the superior functionality of the design. These boxes are highly effective as they are manufactured of wood pulp that is 100% organic and free of harmful chemicals. The manufacturing process for environment-friendly packaging solutions comprises different stages and requires a number of factors to be considered in order to ensure the sturdiness and versatility of the design.

Pulping And Pine Chips

First of all, freshly cut pinewood logs are transported to environment friendly boxes company where the logs are first to cut into small pieces then extracted from the excessive bark by the help of a large industrial scaled de-barking machine. The chunks of wood are them shredded into small pieces that are effective for fastening the pulping process. The shredded wood is then put into high-pressured tanks called a digester, where they are cooked slowly, and sulfate and water are added into the solution. Further other additives such as dye, sulfites, sodium hydroxide, and other contents are added that are essential to remove the color of fibers and separate them in order to continue to further process.

Making The Kraft

When the cooked slurry from the pulping process is ready for cleaning, it is pumped into a separate tank where the fibers are extracted and washed in order to maintain the premium quality of Kraft paper. Once the solution is clean enough to be forwarded to the next process, it is pumped to paper making machine. The machine contains a mesh of wires and steamed rollers that help in drying the Kraft and evaporating water in order to further make eco-packaging. The slurry is then passed from the hot steaming rollers that help in evaporating all the water inside it along with the hydraulic system that helps to acquire plain Kraft sheets that will be used further in corrugating machine for making the basic raw material for custom eco friendly packaging boxes.

Corrugating And Forming

The roles of Kraft paper from the paper machine are then taken to the corrugating machine, where it is passed from a number of rotating drums that help to make a groovy surface. These sheets are then fluted and glued to other sheets in order to make a plain sheet that is hollow from the inside in order to ensure the strength of packaging material. Once the sheets are dried, they are cut with the help of the die machine in accordance with the required dimensions, and the sheet is then perforated and folded from the corners. When the sheets are in a way that they can be folded easily, glue is applied on the ends to keep the shape, and the recyclable boxes are ready to be shipped to the consumers.

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