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Top Brands of Scissors

Hairdressing scissors are the most necessary tool for haircutting and hairstyling. Scissors are a weapon in the hands of a hairstylist who’s the only one that knows how to put them to use in the best way possible. Without high-quality haircutting shears, you might not get the desired results. That’s why it is essential to look for the best brands that promise to deliver top-notch products. 

Let’s see our list of the top brands of scissors that deliver excellent service to all professional barbers and hairdressers. 

Ninja Scissors: 

Ninja Scissors are one of the top-quality brands that provide shears produced using premium-grade Japanese steel. With comfortable ergonomics and sharp blades, you’ll find these scissors relaxing and long-lasting. As these scissors provide smooth cutting, you’ll be able to experiment with various cutting techniques and test your creativity with ease. 

Ninja scissors manufacture handcrafted scissors that are lightweight, providing maximum wrist support. So, you can give haircuts all day without getting tired. 

Jaguar Scissors: 

When it comes to innovative model designs, the name of Jaguar scissors instantly pops up in mind. Produced in Solingen, their scissors are usually heavy-duty. As a professional barber and trained hairstylist, you can make great use of Jaguar scissors for slicing and texturizing hair. 

With their long-lasting sharpness and solid blades, you’ll get high-grade performance. The ergonomic offset handle allows your hand to be comfortable during use. You can surely rely on Jaguar scissors for delivering the best hairdressing services.

Matsui Scissors: 

Matsui scissors earned themselves quite a reputation over the decades due to their durability, incorporation of high-grade Japanese steel, offset ergonomics, lightweight design, sharp blades, and wide range of colors. 

It is a choice of many professional hairdressers, and you’ll find their scissors almost in every hairstylist’s belt. Their large variety of hairdressing shears fit all styles of haircutting. 

You’ll not only find their scissors comfortable to use but also highly affordable. So, when you think about what shears would be best for your work, the Matsui scissors set is the answer.

Yasaka Scissors: 

Manufactured using high-grade stainless steel, Yasaka scissors are the pride of Japan’s hairdressing tools industry. Their scissors come with excellent durability and hardness. They are long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion, while their clam-shaped blades are super sharp and deliver a smooth performance. 

Yasaka scissors are lightweight and come with a well-balanced design, perfect for holding for long hours. You wouldn’t have to worry about your wrists hurting or feeling uncomfortable while cutting. Therefore, Yasaka shears are the best choice and one of the top brands to opt for hairdressing.

Kamisori Shears:

Kamisori Shears are pretty famous across the world. This brand uses hardened Japanese steel that ensures durability, while the ultra-sharp convex blades provide value and longevity. 

You can comfortably slice, chop, texturize and put all the other hairdressing techniques to work as you use Kamisori Shears. With every model manufactured, keeping in mind the ergonomics and comfort of the hairdresser, you’ll find Kamisori scissors to be your favorite. Also, the trendy and stylish designs would help you make a style statement while putting your professional haircutting skills to work. 

Therefore, choosing Kamisori Shears would be highly advantageous for professional barbers and hairdressers. 

Hairdressing Scissors Buying Guide: 

Let’s see what things you would need to consider for buying hairdressing scissors

Right-handed or left-handed: 

It depends on what hand you will use for haircutting. Scissors for both hands differ in size and angles. So, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, you’ll buy a size after measuring the blade or a ruler by placing it on your palm against your middle finger, determining the right size for yourself according to your active hand.

The shape of the scissors: 

The shape of the scissors will determine your comfort. As, when you’ll be giving haircuts all day, it is natural that your hands and wrists would feel fatigued. Therefore, to minimize the tiring effect, you must get scissors that give a relaxing feeling to your hands and wrists. Between the three scissors shapes: Classic, Offset, and Crane, you can pick the one that feels the most comfortable.

Sharpness and quality: 

A pair of hairdressing scissors without sharp blades is entirely useless. You must consider buying from a top-quality brand that ensures durability and long-lasting sharpness, so you can get the desired results when giving out haircuts to customers. 


Hopefully, our top picks can help you choose a suitable set of scissors from a reputable brand with ease. All these brands are worldwide famous, while the professional hairdressers and barbers select these to put their hairstyling skills to work

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