Why Is Chess So Popular Right Now

Before 600 AD, the Indian board game chaturanga gave birth to chess as we know it today. Over the ensuing years, the game expanded throughout Asia and Europe until eventually transforming into what is today known as chess in the mid-16th century. Spanish priest Ruy Lopez was one of the earliest great game players. The aperture that bears his name was not his invention, although he did analyze it and write about it in a book published in 1561.

Lopez recommended playing with the sun in your opponent’s eyes because, at that time, chess theory was so rudimentary. However, since that time, the aspects of chess has evolved to a great extent, and in contemporary times online chess game has gained significant momentum due to technical advancement. 

What is Known As An Online Chess Game?

There have been numerous variations of online chess since the introduction of the internet in the 1970s. These variations include games such as PLATO and play-by-email. The Internet Chess Club (ICS), which initially went online in 1992, was the first Internet server especially created for playing chess online. Caissa.com, also known as Caissa’s Web at the time it was established, was the first chess website that permitted playing using a graphical interface. There have since been numerous chess websites created.

Programmers had long wished to develop a program that could outplay even the best human chess players since the advent of computer chess through an Online Chess Game. Until 1996, when Garry Kasparov was vanquished by IBM’s Deep Blue computer in a single game, that objective had proven elusive in an actual tournament environment.

But Kasparov prevailed in the multiple-game contest, and the two players rematched in 1997. Deep Blue won that six-game contest with three victories and three draws, which shocked the oddsmakers and thrilled the international news media. In terms of computer chess, it was like walking on the moon.

What are Some Chess Tips to Win the Game?

  • Every time your adversary moves, you should pause and ask yourself, “Why was that move chosen?” Is a piece in jeopardy? Are there any other dangers you should know about before framing your strategy? What strategy should your adversary have in mind? You won’t be able to effectively implement your ideas until you can stop your opponent’s threats. When you know what your opponent is trying to do, you can play to foil their schemes.
  • Another chess tips your opponent will find simple to protect against threats coming from here in one move, there in the next move, and so on. For you to be successful, your components must function as a whole. Try to picture an orchestra where each instrument plays a unique melody! You can get your men to cooperate when you have a plan. For instance, you might decide to go after your opponent’s king. 
  • One piece certainly wouldn’t be able to accomplish much on its own, but numerous pieces working together can be a potent assault force. The takeover of every square in a specific board region could be another strategy and one of the most relevant chess tips.
  • In an online chess game, you should examine the men’s values. Instead of how many pieces each player has while trading some of yours for some of your opponents. The player with more guys will typically be in a better position. Calculating the material or value of each player’s soldiers is a critical judgment that you have to take. 
  • A pawn is an easy unit of measurement because it is the least valuable piece. It moves slowly and is incapable of going backward.
  • At around three pawns each, knights and bishops are roughly equal. The only component that can leap over other guys is the knight. While the bishops move more quickly, they can only access half of the squares. The rook’s worth is five pawns, and it may move fast to every chess square. 
  • Defeat a rook frequently by combining two lesser pieces, like bishops and knights. Nine pawns, or roughly two rooks, are equivalent to the value of a queen. In most positions, it can move to the most squares. The king is also a capable combatant, but we do not assess its power as it cannot be exchanged.

Why Has Chess Gained Such Popularity?

We all likely recall March 2020 with much too much clarity. Many people were confined to their houses after COVID-19 shut down the whole world. Many people viewed online chess games as a mentally demanding activity that would help them develop while fortifying their minds. People abandoned traditional sports during the epidemic, so many still needed competition. Chess competitions provided a means to satisfy this need. Despite the cancellation of live chess competitions, many people participated in or watched them online. Chess filled the hole left by unexpected boredom and provided an escape from the struggles in the outside world.


The internet played a significant role in allowing online chess games to soar in popularity because you no longer had to find a partner to play the game physically. Millions of people who would never have played chess otherwise got introduced to it through internet games, competitions, and classes. Additionally, seasoned players spoke directly to the global chess public through social media and online channels to share their knowledge and skills.

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