Why Is Cloud Bookkeeping Important For Your Small Business?

Why Is Cloud Bookkeeping Important For Your Small Business?

For any business structure, a well-structured bookkeeping system is necessary. A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping records of the financial affairs of a business accurately so that the accounting procedure can be easy. With the rise of technology, the use of cloud bookkeeping has significantly increased in the business world because of less physical labour and more accuracy.

Cloud computing means both the data and software applications are getting stored on remote internet services instead of getting locally stored on your computer’s hard drive. If you reach out to a professional for small business financial advice, the first thing they will recommend will be to use bookkeeping software. Why? For that, you have to go through the following benefits of cloud bookkeeping.


Even a few years back, business persons relied heavily on storing data in the computer’s internal hard drive. But, computer hard drives may crash any day, and it can be a disaster if you have kept all your business data there. On the other hand, if you use cloud-based bookkeeping, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • First of all, you will not need to do any data backup. The software application automatically backs up important data and stores it in multiple locations around the world. It means, even if a catastrophe takes place, no harm will be done to your data.
  • Another drawback of computer hard drives is that the space is limited there, and it can eventually run out of space, and you may need to reinstall databases and applications or move to new servers. In contrast, cloud computing never involves these problems.

It Supports More Clients In Less Time

A crucial feature of cloud computing is automation. Thus, the tasks that bookkeepers would do manually in the past will be easily completed by the software.

Let us give an example here. In the past, bookkeepers and accountants had to spend hours entering transaction data from bank statements. But now, creating transactions has become easier in cloud accounting, and it does not require any data entry.

A significant number of larger accounting applications have add-ons that directly integrate into their software. In addition, they also have automated solutions for document workflow and forecasting cash flow. Using cloud bookkeeping helps a small business advisor support more clients more quickly because of this automation technology benefit.

Therefore, when you choose cloud bookkeeping for your business as the owner, you can save more time that can be spent on other affairs.

Real-Time Financial Reporting

As a business owner, it will never be an easy task for you to have real-time, in-depth information about your company finances because you are bound to look after daily operations. This lack of important real-time financial information can even lead to a business failure.

But, choosing cloud bookkeeping for your Perth-based business can help you solve it. From the auto-updated financial information, you will be able to efficiently manage your cash flow, which will be a key to your business’s success.

Establishing Collaborations Has Become Easier

Another reason accountants and business advisors go for cloud-based bookkeeping is that it helps them find the information whenever they need it. It also helps them have control over the data.

Once you know your data is safe and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, you can arrange a meeting with your advisor or staff or accountant. You can do it even if you are traveling or outside the country.

Cloud Software Is Always Updating

Another major benefit of using cloud software is that it is always updating, and these updates are free. It does not apply to desktop software where you will need to spend money to buy an updated version.

In addition, many cloud software developers ask for client feedback. This feedback improves their service, which means that customers can see the results after the software is updated.

Better Cash Flow

Maintaining cash flow is highly essential for a business to stay on track. But at the same time, it is pretty laborious too for the bookkeepers. But when you use cloud bookkeeping for your business accounting, it will not only record transactions but also integrate with several accounts, including your business bank account. In this way, you will receive real-time updates on your cash outflows and inflows.

Automated Tracking Of Debts

Debts can be a big headache for your business, and that is why a professional small business financial planner will always advise you to use bookkeeping software. With automated reminders and updates, it makes debt collection much easier.

Other Benefits

Other advantages of cloud bookkeeping include data security, protection from fraud, theft and disaster, and more accuracy.


Various cloud-based bookkeeping services are now operating in Perth and other Australian cities. Based on your business size and requirements, you can hire one. But, before making the final decision, discuss several points with them like how they work, what software they use, etc.

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