Why Is PLM Integration Critical for Business Success?


Product management, manufacturing, and engineering teams are rapidly adopting Product Lifecycle management (PLM) systems. PLM demand is increasing because businesses want to have one centralized application that incorporates all other touchpoints connected to core business activities.  It leads to the demand of PLM integration with ither business systems. These include systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and more. PLM handles the products as they are the key around which all the data points and business processes revolve. CRM manages the customers, and ERP manages resources and finances.

Whether your enterprise uses on-premise, hybrid, or cloud PLM, if you don’t integrate ERP and other business systems with your product data, it can cause you some hefty amount. A business changes continually via acquisitions and mergers, new customers, new projects, new products, and more. So, you need an error-proof, seamless, and automated way to integrate your product data from design and development through manufacturing and design, among all the systems you are using. It also needs to be adaptive to future needs. 

The solution must facilitate the accurate flow of information across the enterprise. It should also focus on new and innovative products launch, designs, and manufacturing. It also needs to establish a foundation for adopting emerging advanced technologies like Digital Twin, IoT, and more.

Significance of PLM Integration For Business Success

The next-generation integration of PLM with other business execution systems offers scalability, flexibility, and real-time reporting on organizational business transactions.

The main challenge is that most of the enterprises that use Oracle Agile PLM often have sub-optimal integrations between PLM and other systems, or there is no integration at all. These organizations lack in terms of scalability and flexibility to easily modify the integration based on evolving business needs. Along with that, these businesses might also lack integration dashboarding and ease of use. Companies need to understand that the integration of PLM with other business systems is crucial in order to predict and fix errors or processes that are not prioritized appropriately.

PLM Integration with Other Systems:

Product development today is done in various locations as we are witnessing globalized manufacturing. Vendors and business partners are dispersed globally at different locations. It makes data sharing and communication much more of a challenge. When companies need to manage data at various locations, they need to update it in one system, and the change reflects in other systems. If not done so, it results in rework, data inefficiencies, and inconsistencies through product development. All this leads to revenue and dollars lost for your company.

PLM integration with other business systems is the solution for effective communication throughout the entire product lifecycle. It is the most effective way to reflect the crucial information and data through the systems and get the most accurate and up-to-date information for the product development process.


If you have a reliable and efficient integration solution in place for your enterprise, it can add a lot of value and leads to revenue generation. It reduces the errors and waste within the product development processes, thus enhancing product profitability. The manufacturing process will also be efficient and effective when you share updated documents with vendors and suppliers. You can also quickly respond to the market demand by effectively coordinating with your partners across the entire supply chain.

Xavor has been providing reliable integration solutions to different industries for more than two decades. Based on our expertise, we have come up with an integration software known as xEngine. xEngine by Xavor is highly configurable, lightweight, and mainly designed to work with Agile PLM. You can use it to sync documents, BOMs, and parts from your PLM system with SAP, EBS, and other systems.

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