Why is primary school an important part of your child’s life?

A primary school in Singapore will be the stepping stone to formal education for your child. Parents must not take this class lightly as it provides the foundation for a child’s future progress and is key for their intellectual development and progress. The education imparted in a primary school in Singapore lays the base for your child’s success in the future. This is one of the main reasons most countries have declared primary schooling a fundamental right for their citizens. Children’s character development starts in their formative years at a very young age; they adopt their own learning style, learn how to solve problems, think critically and apply themselves. This is precisely what

 we replicate for the rest of our lives. 

When picking a primary school in Singapore for your child, ensure it is in sync with what you want your child to learn – quality is vital. You must also factor in other aspects such as child-teacher ratio, classroom environment, extra-curricular activities, value-based learning, distance from home, tuition fee etc., but not at the expense of quality.

Here is why primary school is an integral part of your child’s life

Improves Concentration power and Cognitive Skills 

Primary education is meant to help a child on numerous levels and impart holistic learning. Students are made to think for themselves, think critically, analyse problems, get acquainted with technology, and learn to hold, identify and assess objects and situations. All this must be done in an orderly and safe environment with supervised learning. A primary school in Singapore fulfils this requirement and engaging the child in different activities helps them improve their concentration, motor and cognitive skills.

Primary education makes children independent learners.

Going to school is not merely about getting good grades. When a child goes to primary school, it is typically their first time in an environment with more than familiar faces and monitored by someone other than their parents. Here is where they establish social interactions, connect with their classmates and make decisions in the absence of their parents. The security provided by a primary school instils confidence in the kids, allowing them to grow and learn for themselves.

Primary school boosts your child’s confidence.

Primary education Singapore is significant for your child’s confidence-building. It is a well-known fact that children who attend primary school are way more confident than children who have not. An excellent primary school in Singapore provides a secure atmosphere and positivity where teachers are trained to support and encourage the children. This makes them surer of themselves resulting in confident people. 

Primary education instils moral Values

The basics of moral values and being a good human being are set in primary school. If your child attends an international primary school in Singapore, s/he will interact with kids from varying backgrounds and cultures. They are taught to respect differences and value each other’s opinions. In addition to standard learning material, teachers emphasize the need to respect people and their viewpoints. This is critical for character development and overall growth and results in your child becoming a tolerant grown-up. 

Primary education nurtures inquisitiveness. 

Children are born with innate curiosity, and a primary school leverages this inborn quality. They encourage children to ask open-ended questions and assist them in finding answers as well. Teachers ensure that every query that crosses a child’s mind is answered, no matter how small the doubt is. They actively encourage questions, so no one feels hesitant to do so. Teachers not only answer questions but by allowing children to think independently and solve problems. They inspire innovation and creativity among children, which is truly commendable.

Primary schools sow the seeds for Social Development.

Human beings are social animals, and where better to develop social etiquette than a school. A primary school in Singapore is the first place where children interact with several new people, including teachers and classmates. Here, they learn how to connect, play, fight, share and makeup with each other. They learn how to say please, sorry, and thank you. Through group activities and sports time, they even learn the basics and importance of teamwork. Being a team player is a key skill that will go a long way with your child. 

Primary schools introduce children to the world of writing, reading and communicating.

While a lot of activity is focused on shaping their personality, teachers teach the kids basic knowledge. They learn to read, write, identify and communicate effectively for the first time in primary school. Reading is regarded as one of the most valuable habits in all people, especially youngsters. It benefits children by making them imagine and see what they’re reading, which enhances their memory and motivation. They learn to write and improve their communication and conversational skills by participating in various activities and conversing with their peers and teachers.

No one can undermine the importance of primary education; it is an indispensable requirement for long-term growth that sets the foundation for future learning. An effective start in primary school will improve students’ likelihood of doing well in later stages of schooling and life. The benefits of primary education can evidently be seen in children’s cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and ethical development.

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