Why learn the English Language is Important?

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This language belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is the official language of 67 countries & 27 non-sovereign entities. This language is the most spoken all over the world. For international communication, this language gets used most. In today’s world, millions of people are dedicating time to studying English as a second language. Also, many underdeveloped countries include English as their second language in their school syllabus. For surviving in the contemporary world, you must have to know the English language.

Value of learning English:

It is needless to explain the value of English in this present century.

For example, if you want to use a smartphone, computer or TV, the electrical goods we use in our daily life you have to Know English. As a broad aspect, if you want to do a job abroad or get an excellent job in a multinational company, you have to know English. So, this sentence proved from our home to your office everywhere the English language is mostly used.
Today be it any professional you are now, corporate, teaching, government services, etc., English has become the medium for communication. Hence, to grow the ladder of life, it has become essential for individuals to master this art in the best way possible. If someone is not very fluent in the language, they might lose a lot. In terms of making connections with people, explaining their side of the story, etc.

Now come to the neediest point-

How can someone learn English?

There are many ways to learn English. Those are –

  • From their school syllabus. Because almost every country of the world includes English as a subject
  • The English speaking course is available in people’s localities they can easily learn from there
  • Many online learning apps offer English learning courses at very cheap costs (etc.)

Importance of learning English in India:

This language is the second most used language in India. So We all know every state in India, people use their different language. Here English is used as a common communication medium among them. India’s leading corporate agencies use English as their official language & not even just corporate companies; the Indian government uses English as their official language. So, without knowing English, people don’t get any good jobs in India. Technical, scientific fields & even higher education is in the English language for staying in these fields individuals have to know English.

Scope of learning English in India:

There are many ways of learning English in India. Those are –

  • From school
  • From a basic spoken English course
  • Corporate English training centers.
  • Online tutorial App. (Etc)

Places where the English language is mostly used in India:

  • At the Government official work
  • At the workplace. (Corporate office, business deals)
  • For international communication
  • For higher education
  • Technological & scientific research. (etc.)


It must continue to be the medium of international communication, technology & in other subjects also in higher classes so every individual must learn the English language.

In the global era or the Internet age, you need to learn English to access the internet. As we all know, in the last two years, the whole world has been suffering from coronavirus (COVID – 19). Only via the internet can people take the necessary services for surviving. Even in third-world countries, people have to take the help of the internet. So, many people from third world countries don’t know English, they face many problems using the internet. So hence it proves nowadays that learning English is very important.

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