Why Mtek is the best metal casting sourcing company in India

Mtek is the best metal casting sourcing company in India that provides end-to-end solutions in supply chain and procurement services to the global market.

Having over decades of experience as a top metal casting sourcing company in India, Mtek is also the leading manufacturer of sourcing CNC precision machined parts in India at competitive prices.

Our CNC machined components comprise quality poppets, bolts, shafts, and screws. We manufacture customized CNC machined parts, based on clients’ requirements & we are a trusted CNC sourcing company based in Bangalore India.

We are blessed with high-tech machines, that help us produce components & parts on a mass level with high accuracy. Mtek is an ISO-certified company that promises quality, & high precision machined components in India.

Mtek Leading Casting & Sourcing Company in India

Mtek is a top-notch machined parts sourcing company based in Bangalore, India that manufactures a wide range of components all under one roof, we are the leading casting & outsourcing company in India.

CNC Machined Components

Bolts, screws, shafts & poppets manufacturing fall under the scope of CNC machined components. CNC machines rotate while keeping the cutting speed & workpieces stationery. These components are usually rectangular or square. CNC machines cut various materials according to the exact specification designed for them. Mtek is the best manufacturing & sourcingCNC precision machined parts in India, manufacturing quality CNC precision parts at competitive prices.

Stamping Sourcing Components Manufacturers

Flat sheet metal is placed in a coil that forms a stamping press & the die surface of the metal forms a net shape in the process of stamping. Mtek manufactures components from progressive die stamping, transfer die stamping, four-slide stamping, fine blanking & hydraulic stamping are the processes covered by Mtek. We are a top stamping sourcing company in India, manufacturing a wide range of stamping components &outsourcing them to our clients. Components of steel, copper, brass, nickel & aluminum are the metals used for stamping steel.

Plastic Machined Component Manufacturers

The plastic machined components are manufactured using a hard block of plastic which is placed in the machine to cut blocks of materials. A path is followed by the cutting tool which is designed by the computer to shape the components & parts. Plastic CNC is a subtractive manufacturing process, Mtek is the best plastic machined component manufacturer in India that manufactures a wide range of customized plastic components based on the client’s requirements. We are a top machined parts sourcing company in India, promising quality components manufactured from plastic at competitive prices.

High-Precision Machined Components

Under very tight tolerance metal components are produced or manufactured in the high precision technique. CNC machines are used to execute this process of tight tolerance that help manufacture high-precision components. The metals such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, & engineered plastic are the raw materials used in high-precision machined components. Mtek is the leading manufacturer of highprecision machined components in India, which manufactures high-quality precision machined components at competitive prices.


Why Choose Mtek Metal Casting Components

Mtek is the best metal casting sourcing company in India, which manufactures & is the leading sourcing of CNC precision machined parts in India. We are a team that is well-equipped with technology, & aims to satisfy our clients with top-notch services.

  1. End-to-end sourcing solutions in the supply chain in the global market.
  2. An array of sourcing materials, broadly categorized into metals, electronics & plastic.
  3. Decades of experience in sourcing metal components.
  4. High-quality manufacturing.
  5. Well-engineered & designed parts & components.
  6. Sheet metal & fabrications.
  7. Casting, Stamping, Forging & Metal Injection Moulding techniques are available.
  8. Customized supply chain management solutions.
  9. Freight Management.
  10. Competitive pricing with quality sourcing services.

Mtek is an ISO-certified company that promises quality, & high precision machined components in India.

Mtek Casting & Sourcing Company in India

Mtek is the leading sourcing CNC precision machined parts in India, we also manufacture stamping components, plastic components, & high-precision metal components all under the roof of Mtek. We promise high quality & follow all the quality control measures when it comes to the sourcing of metal components to our clients, we are a Bangalore, India-based company that sources components & parts to clients from the UK, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arab, Oman, USA & many other parts of the world. Mtek Promises quality in every part we manufactured; we also source our components efficiently trying to reduce the cost of production & overall transportation. Feel free to connect to Mtek Solutions today as we are the best metal casting sourcing company in India.

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